3A's Awesome Week

March 10-14, 2014

Pop-Up Book Reports

So far, we have had a lot of fun sharing our book reports. Our classmates have worked so hard on their reports and it has been exciting to share them. Such hard working students!!!

History of Haddonfield

By: Lilliana & Evan

Haddonfield is like a person older than an old man. It is 300 years old. It has many historic sites and buildings. In the 1600’s the Lenai Lenape Native American tribe settled here in what we now call Haddonfield. Then, in 1713 Quakers from Ireland and England settled here in Haddonfield. The main Quakers were Joseph Cooper, John Haddon, Elizabeth Haddon and John Estaugh. Haddonfield had two ways of transportation. One way was the trolley and another way was the train. Jack C. replied, “I like how there are two ways of transportation.” There are two populations. One population is a major shopping and service center. The second is a residential community for people working in Camden or Philly. We hope you liked learning about what we did this week!

Moby Moby Moby Max

By: Brynn & Nolan

Do you have a website that can teach about almost every single subject? We do! The subjects are math, numbers, language, vocabulary, reading & writing. It`s called Moby Max. Today we just finished a contest called Win a Prize. If 5 people in our class get 200 points or more those people could get a variety of prizes. And guess what? Seven people in our class got more than 200 points. That means we get prizes!!!!!!!!!! You can get mood pencils, snap braclets, sports bags, silver pens, flex rulers, and tattoos. Even though the contest is over we are still going to go on Moby Max. Maybe you should too!

A Lucky Lucky Leprechaun

By Sam and Lily

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. In school we read a book called “A Pot of Gold”. And guess who the author is? “Mrs. Adams’ SISTER!” The book was about a leprechaun named “Lucky.” Lucky wants his own pot of gold, so he has to work for it. His task is to find ten four leaf clovers. First he goes to a bird and asks him for help! Lucky says to the bird, “Can you help me find a four leaf clover?” The bird did not help or answer. Finally he found the four leaf clover! When he found the tenth four leaf clover he got his own pot of gold. And he was very happy!! We asked Lilliana if she liked the book. She replied, “I loved the book because Mrs. Adams’ sister wrote it.” We hope you enjoyed learning about Lucky because we enjoyed teaching you!


By: Asher & Beckett

Ready to learn about fractions? Well, you picked the right section to read. A fraction tells how much of a whole there is. For example: 3/5 means that 3 out of 5 pieces are shaded. You can also use them in word problems such as: Joey had 15 pencils. He gave 2/3 of them away to his friends. How many pencils does Joey have left? Answer:10 ; Number Model: 15/3=? then ?x2. It was a bit tricky but after a few days of practice, we finally got it! We hope you learned something about fractions!

Flat “People”

By: Parker

Wait, FLAT PEOPLE? No more like a person made out of paper! You send them to a relative far away. Then they take pictures of special places and send them back responding to the letter you sent them. It’s fun to see all the special places in a relative’s home.

So far, there are only two responses. Lilliana's response was from Cary, North Carolina. It’s a suburban community. The other response was Sam's relative from Lansdowne, Pennsylvania. It’s also a suburban community. We are mapping where our responses came from on our US map. Our class can’t wait to see who is next!

We hope you enjoyed our weekly blog!!!


Mrs. Adams & Mrs. Hart