The things i like in life


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Football is my favorite sport because its a very contact sport that is played by professionals.also it is america's sport

My favorite athlete

Dez bryant is my favorite Wr because he can almost jump over any corner in the nfl he wins games for the cowboys
Dez Bryant - Unstoppable

My favorite restaurant is B,J'S

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B,J'S is my favorite restaurant because it is so good but very exspensive

My favorite movie

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My favorite movie is regular show because it is awesome

Favorite actor/actress

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Eddie murphy is my favorite actor because he is to me the funniest actor and he has played in movies like the haunted manison , shrek , norbit ,dr.dollitle ,daddy day care,and etc.

My favorite animal

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dogs are my favorite type of animal because they are so loyal unlike cats they dont need a litter box they go wherever they please

My favorite youtuber

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Dope island is my favorite youtuber because he is so funny

My favorite team

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my favorite team is the cowboys because they r americas football team