My Life

About Me

Hey, my name is Harrison! I am twelve years old. I was born on November 26th, 2002. I'm a sports and outdoors enthusiast. I love lacrosse and pretty much every other sport. I like photography and enjoy relaxing. In this flyer, you will learn about my family, my goals and everything about... me!

My Family

My family consists of four people (including me), and a dog. My brother, Jacob, is 16 years old. He was born on April 20th, 1998. He plays lacrosse (and is very good at it) and rugby. He goes to CSS and is in grade 11. His best friend is Ben who played baseball for Team Ontario. Next is my mom. She is 46 years old. Her name is Leanne. She was born on May 7th, 1968. She went to Ryerson for university and studied early childhood education. She now works for the YMCA as a district manager meaning she manages YMCA child care sites in Durham region. She manages 44 child care sites as far as Beaverton, and as close as Emily Stowe and MacGillivray. She is the best mom ever! Next... my dad. My dad's name is rick and he is 51 years old. He was born on January 1st, 1963. He works at bell. He's not a technician who fixes your cable or satellite, he works with internet and how it's routed throughout Canada and the United States. He is an amazing dad. So, next time you get free Wi-Fi at McDonald's, thank my dad for routing it there. Next is my dog. Her name is Lilly and she is 6 years old. she is an Airedale Terrier. She was born February, 18th, 2008. She is an amazing dog. She can do all kinds of tricks like roll over and shake. She is the best dog a family could ask for! That's my amazing family!

My Dog (Lilly)

Lax Life (lacrosse)

I`ve been playing lacrosse for a long time. Like a really long time. Like nine years long! I love lacrosse and I play rep for the Clarington Gaels. I play box lacrosse which is played indoors. My lacrosse season runs all summer! Box lacrosse isn't very popular but field (outdoor) lacrosse is. My favourite players who play field are Paul Rabil, Kyle Harrison, Rob Pannell and Mikey Powell (press button below).

Mikey Powell Behind the Back Flip Shot

Mikey Powell scores in MLL Freestyle Shootout

My Life in the Outdoors

I've grown up being in the outdoors! My dad loved fishing with my brother before I was even born. We rented a cottage while I was still about two or three. We camped at destinations like Balsam Lake and other campgrounds up north. So I was raised loving the outdoors. Then, when my brother was seven (I was three), he went to a camp up in Torrance, Ontario, about half-an-hour away from Gravenhurst. It was called Pine Crest and was owned by the YMCA. Now, since my mom worked for the YMCA, she caught word of it and sent my brother up there for a week. He loved it so much that he kept going and going. He went this year but once you turn thirteen, instead of just going to camp, you have the choice to go on a camping trip. Every camper goes on a camping trip but these ones are far away usually. Like this year, my brother went to the Coppermine river (see video below) in Northwest Territories! The usual trips that Pine Crest does for regular campers go no further than Algonquin Park and are only 1-5 days long. Anyways, I went up there when I was seven and I have been going up ever since. I love it up there! My dream is to eventually do everything my brother has done. He is my outdoors idol!
Coppermine River Trip 2014 (Camp Pinecrest)