Lael Turner and Shaunice reado

Introduction to France

"Each country has a soul, and France's soul is equality." -Francois Hollande

-Frances nickname: " The Hexagon" (six-sided country)
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Northern France

-Paris is the economic, political and cultural capital of France

-Lille is important city that has textile factories, chemical plants and steel mills

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Southwest France

-This region has grapes that are used to make wines

-Bordeaux has a reputation for producing the best wines

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Southern France

-Mixture of older peaks and newer peaks.

-Worldwide for fashionable ski resorts and challenging skiing. Alpine wildflowers covers the mountain slopes.

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The mediterranean

-Attracts millions of tourists each year, French riviera is also known as the Côte d'Azur-the Azure Coast

Cannes, Nice, and Saint-Tropez

-Marseille is the busiest seaport in France and the second most active in all of Western Europe.

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East France

-Rhine River, Europe's busiest waterway, forms part of France's border with Germany.

-rich natural resources:iron ore and coal

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France's History

-France was once known as Gaul when the Romans conquered it in the first century B.C.

-One of the famous conquerors of all time,Charlemagne, became king of the Franks in A.D 768

-German armies swept across the flat northeastern plains and overrun northern France with help of some other countries and the United States

Language and culture

-French was the language spoken only in and around Paris, and eventually became the language of all the lands of the French Kings ruled

-Dialect is a variation of a language that are unique to a region or community.

-The French academy was established in 1635 to preserve the purity of the french language. New French words can be in their dictionary only if they're approved by the french academy.

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Cultural Identity

-Claude Monet and Pierre Auguste Renoir are famous french artists that were leaders in a style of painting known as impressionism.

-Paris has been the cultural center of France for centuries.

-The cities famous art museum: Louvre

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France today

-France nationalized some businesses considered vital to national interests. They also privatized some government-owned companies.

-Frances opposition to military action against Iraq in 2003 strained It's alliance with the United States.

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