The 'Hoot' from 5th grade

Week of 9/23 Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies

Language Arts

100 Book Challenge Goal: 55; Read 30 minutes every night at your fun, fast and easy level!

Greek/Latin Root of the Week: mater - mother

Harcourt Story: Everglades continue story work, vocabulary and internet research; Assessment on Wednesday

Writing Focus: Paragraph formation (topic sentence, supporting details, conclusion) and informational writing

Grammar focus through writing: types of sentences and parts of speech nouns and adjectives

Ask your student about Genius Hour and our Wonder Wall!

Math and Science

Math Topic: rounding whole numbers and decimals; adding and subtracting decimals;

Science: Study of biomes and ecosystems; Test on biomes at end of week

Ecocolumns will begin as soon as we get additional supplies from the Science department- please save your 2 liter bottles and send them in with your student

Social Studies


Big Idea Unit 1: How does where you live influence how you live?

Quiz on Tuesday, 9/24 major cities in USA; identify states surrounding Ohio; locate and name Great Lakes, major mountain ranges, major waterways

Monday: Begin study of early Indian civilizations - Maya, Inca, Aztecs, Mississippian

Information Math & Science


Seiberling phone: 330-794-4204

Things You Should Know

Plan to attend interim pick up on Thursday, September 26th . 'Bring your parent to school day' is September 26th from 12-2.

Some of our pictures from the Colonial America field trip!