It's Time For Gender Equality

By: Ariel Jun, Chaithra Katamaneni, and Ashwini Allen

It's Time For A Change

Equality has been fought for for many years through gender, race, and individual. Though we have gotten far to achieve equality, it's still not enough. It's time for a change.

There is still belief that men are better than women in society. As of Stephanie Coontz, teacher of family history at Evergreen State College and author, women only make up 17% of Congress and only 4% of the C.E.O.'s in Fortune's Top 1,000 companies are female. In the beginning of 2007, men had suffered 80% of job loss and that had led to cutbacks in government jobs that hit women disproportionately. In June of 2012, men had regained 46.2% of their jobs back while women had regained 38.7%.

According to Laura Ferro, graduate of University of Pennsylvania with a BA in English and Gender, Culture and Society, men outnumber women at a rate of 73% vs 27% in all sectors of employment for science and engineering. This shows how the modern world is still unbalanced with gender.

Not only is it unfair that one gender is in a higher status than the other, but it is also prejudice and discriminative. We need to continue in the growth of equality between men and women starting with the salary and careers in order to create a more prominent future for the next generations.

It's time to create a better world.


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