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From the Office of Stephanie Hubbard: Reopening

Welcome Back IG Panthers!

There has been a lot of nervous anticipation in the air for the last few weeks and now we are back in school. It is wonderful to see students and teachers in classrooms. It is amazing how much some of the students have matured and grown in the 6 months since being at school. Our Panthers have adjusted well to all of the little changes we have made to protect one another from COVID-19. We are off to a great start! Thank you to all Panthers and their families for all of the flexibility and cooperation.

Here is to a great 20-21 school year!


Stephanie Hubbard

Stephanie Hubbard, Superintendent, Iowa Grant School District

Office: 608-943-6311 ext 3018 Email:

Meals will be free for all students

On Monday, August 31st, the United States Department of Agriculture issued a press release titled “USDA Extends Free Meals for Kids Through December 31, 2020” stating summer meal programs can continue operating as funding allows.

What does this mean for Iowa-Grants School District students?

1. All students can receive a FREE breakfast and lunch starting Wednesday, September 2nd and lasting as long as the USDA's funds last.

2. Students will still be charged for Ala Carte items and to "Super Size" a meal.

Stephanie Hubbard, Superintendent

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Dear Iowa-Grant Virtual Families,

Breakfast and Lunch offered at school is available to all students. Parents or guardians of virtual students will have the opportunity to pick-up meals on Mondays and Thursdays at 4 PM. Monday’s pick-up will be for Tuesday through Thursday’s breakfast and lunch. Thursday’s pick-up will be for Friday’s and Monday’s breakfast and lunch.

At Iowa-Grant we want to ensure that all students have access to healthy meals. All families can access the 20-21 Free/Reduced Application through the following link:

If your student would like to participate in meal pick-up, please share the breakfast and lunch menu with her/him. Choose the meals your student would like. Email me at: Include your STUDENT’S NAME, GRADE, MENU SELECTIONS. Every Thursday, at meal pick-up, we will update your student’s meal selections for the following week.

Panther meal pick-up will begin Thursday, September 3, 2020 at 4 to 4:30 PM. If you have any questions call 608-943-6311 ext. 3013 or email me at:

Thank You,

Barb Hugill

Food Service Supervisor

Iowa-Grant School District


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Iowa-Grant High School


Please see the Iowa-Grant District website for the latest on IGHS events.

HS Student Athletes and Parents -

We can’t predict what the future may bring. We are all anticipating I-G sports this upcoming fall seasons at Iowa-Grant. Start dates are below.

IGSD is going digital/paperless with ALL required I-G Athletic Forms to be in compliance with the WIAA.

If you plan to participate in fall athletics, there are five documents and the IGSD Athletic Google Form to complete.

They were sent by email to all I-G students, on 7/30/2020 from Mr.Clausius.




Current Fall Sports Start Times:

Football First Practice- Sept. 7th. Coach Mr. Raimer.

Volleyball First Practice- Sept. 7th. Coach Ms. Peart

Coaches and Athletes

This fall with school starting up, it is essential for you to chat with your players about COVID-19.

If student-athletes do not act responsibly, then your season will be jeopardized. Therefore, please chat with your child if you haven’t already.

1. Remind your athletes of the importance of knowing COVID-19 symptoms, such as fever, sore throat, cough, diarrhea, muscle aches, and fatigue. If anyone is showing symptoms, please encourage them to stay home. If they play hero and decide to go to practice or meet/game anyway, they will spread the disease to their teammates. Stay home and get tested.

2. If they have been around family members or friends who have tested positive and/or shown symptoms, they are to quarantine themselves to see if they show symptoms and get tested immediately.

3. If a student tests positive or are showing symptoms of COVID-19, they should stay home and recover. This shows that the student-athlete is being responsible.

Please encourage honesty, communication, team work, and self-responsibility. If anyone has any questions please contact the Activities Director, Mr. Casey Clausius,


Fall Sports

We are anticipating an active and safe fall sports season here at Iowa-Grant. This season is going to be looking a bit different then most. SWAL and Six Rivers Conferences have agreed on these bi-laws for the 2020 COVID season.

1. Fan Attendance Restrictions- Determined by each district, each player, manager, and/or cheer leader:

-Two tickets are granted per event.

-Tickets will be given out prior to the event. The player, manager, or cheer leader can give the ticket to anyone of their choosing. Fan/Parents , remember if you are attending.

-Tickets will be free to attend.

2. The use of a face mask is strongly recommended when coming and going from venues where physical distancing can be hard to maintain (i.e. doorways, hallways, etc). Before entering, wearing a face mask is required.

3. Hand sanitizing should occur when individuals enter and exit the building at the supplied hand sanitizing stations; and other periodic hand sanitizing is recommended

4. Physical distancing of a minimum of 6 feet should be maintained

5. No school facility bathrooms will be available during outdoor activities. Porta Potties will be available.

6. No concession stands will be available.

7. Sharing water bottles is strictly prohibited.

8. Drinking fountain access will be limited to re-fillable bottles only

9. It is strongly encouraged that students shower upon returning home.

Iowa-Grant Elementary/Middle School

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The 2nd grade team is excited to get back to school. We promise to work hard, be flexible, and will do our best to create a successful learning environment for your child. Let the learning begin.

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The office staff is so excited to see our students smiling faces! Mrs. Kennicker and Mrs. Hasburgh are always here to help! See you soon!

Dear Panther Families,

If you are feeling excited, nervous, and maybe even a little bit worried about the start of the new school year, you are not alone! Many of our staff members, including myself, are having these very same feelings as we plan to teach our students who are with us in the school building and the students who are joining us from home. So much is new! One thing which has helped me to feel more at ease this school year in my role as Library Media Specialist is to remain focused on what I believe is most important for my students: relationships and reading. It is my intent to create an environment where students have a positive relationship with their librarian and have access to books they want to read. Talking with students about authors & books and listening to what the students have to tell me about their reading lives is essential for building a positive relationship with them and creating a culture of reading in our school. Incorporating read alouds into every library lesson is another way I will “bring it back to reading” this school year. Furthermore, in order to get kids reading, we will need to safely put books into their hands! Our virtual learners will have opportunities to check out books from our school library just as our in-person learners do. Once we’ve had a week or two of school, I’ll be able to determine the most viable way to do this and will share it with our Panther families. Meanwhile, I’d like to remind you that our students have access to the Overdrive Library using the Sora app on their school-issued device. Please see the directions below for borrowing our school’s ebooks and audiobooks.

  • Open the Sora app (this will already be on the Iowa-Grant device).

  • Find your school: Wisconsin Schools Digital Library Consortium- you will need to select Iowa-Grant School District from the drop down menu listed under WSDLC.

  • Sign in using your school email address and password.

  • Browse titles using the “Explore Tab.”

  • Borrow a book. Your book will open so you can start reading right away.

  • Go to your “Shelf” to see all the books you currently have checked out.

    • 1. Tap Open Book or Open Audiobook to read or listen to the book.

    • 2. Tap Options to renew or return the book.

Need more help? Go to: or contact Mrs. Bast.

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the 2020-2021 school year, please contact me by phone or email at your convenience.

Keep reading, Panthers!

Mrs. Bast

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