MIAMI florida

miami facts

- there are nice beautiful coastlines - was a mangrove swap beforeits development in - largest cruise ship port is in miami 1920 - the only everglades ecosystem in the world is in miami

-nice weather year around in miami - with more than 800 buildings

- miami was founded in 1836 -nearly 12 million people visited miami in 2009

- it was incorpirated in 1986 -has a large snow skiying club


how long willi it take to get there 2h 20min

how far is it 1,190.5 miles away

who will u take with u micheal issacks

i will get there bye airplane and stay for 29 days


I will stay at four seasons hotel

it is a hotel known for its views great spa and awesome ratings


gas is 2.53 a gallon

airfare is 550.00

food 20.00 a night

lodging 4,403

my trip cost is 4975.53


going to a movie broadcast

meeting famous person

having lunch with one