watch for it


bullying has negative and a few positive effects and people use bullying for entertainment,revenge,jealousy,greed and dominance. the worst thing someone can do is bully because bullying can lead to depression,loss of self esteem,suicide,and change in personality. bullying can bring out the hero in others by standing up to the bully and telling him to stop because if he does not stop after that it is up to an adult to stop it do not put your self in more danger than you should. bullying is not like you see in the movies it is worse people kill themselves because of it and that should not happen...ever. if bullying comes every time you switch schools then just pretend your life is normal make a few good friends and if you need help stick close to your teachers or parents. bullying is almost as bad as drugs it can become addicting and normal for the bully. if you do what the bully wants he will keep picking on you and that is what he wants, just walk away and don't talk to him at all. he will try to talk you out of your money ,lunch,and if possible breakfast. the bully will stalk you and try to bully you in your home too.