All About Lightning War

By: Noah H. And Harry T.

How a Lightning War starts.

  • A Lightning War starts when one country declares war on another.
  • Then they come with a overwhelming amount of soldiers to overtake their target.
  • It happens so quickly the other country has no time to react, so they end up in serious or critical conditions.

How A Lightning War Differs From A Regular War.

  • It moves very fast, possibly 3 weeks instead of one year like a regular war.
  • Its a strategy used by Germany instead of Poland.
  • It uses a overwhelming force instead of enough to win the war like a regular war would go.

Germans in Poland

This is a picture of German soldiers in Poland with their tanks and warplanes.
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Which Countries were in a Lightning War? The Invasion Of Poland!

  • It started in 1939 when Germany used the strategy "Lightning War" to invade Poland.
  • This invasion was the first major battle of World War II.
  • During the invasion, the Germans used tanks, warplanes, and soldiers all at once to attack Poland.

How Well Lightning War Works for Germany

  • Heinz Guderian came up with the idea of this fast overwhelming war.
  • In his propaganda campaign that Blitzkreig or the "Lightning Stroke" that it would overwhelm a country by land and air.
  • The impact was so critical, and as how fast it came, it was over for Poland.

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