Jacques Cartier

by Alyssa T


Jacques Cartier was a French explorer. He was born in 1491, St. Malo France on December 31. He was interested in exploring at a young age. He had three other siblings. According to Wikipedia, he had one brother Lucas Cartier, and two sister, Berteline Cartier and Jehanne Cartier.

Early Life

The book ,Cartier, stated that when he was in his teenage years he questioned about the mountains and lots of the landscape where he used to fish with his father. Back then fishing was a lot more important than unexplored lands and also gold. Many of the men brought their young sons fishing with them. Cartier always begged his father to get a closer look, but his father was only interested in catching fish. He didn’t care about the unexplored lands like his son. Cartier was fascinated about the beautiful landscape of the Grand Banks.


Jacques Cartier traveled on three main expeditions. The first voyage he traveled was to North America. Cartier wanted to find spices, gold, other riches, and also a route to Asia while he was there. When Cartier came back to France the king was impressed with what he had done. King Francis I, sent Cartier to North America again and sent him with more people on more ships. The king paid for the trip because if Cartier came back with goods then the King would get the valuable things. While Cartier was on the voyage, he found a group of Indian people. The third voyage he ended up in what it is now Canada he went on the voyage with many people this time too but he did more than what he did in the past voyages. He named Canada. He claimed the land for France and it is still considered Canada to this day.

Fun Facts

  • when Cartier wanted to travel west harsh winters slowed him down

  • Cartier traveled to St. Lawrence River but to what we call now Montreal.

  • he claimed Canada for France

  • he was 66 when he died

  • he captured two Indians, who were the chiefs' sons

Jacques Cartier - Mini Biography