Come to Georgia!!!

By: Yuvanesh M.


Georgia is the bottom-most colony in the new world. It was founded by Sir James Oglethorpe and he named this colony Georgia in honor of King George II in 1932. The settlers landed on Yamacraw Bluff which was later renamed Savannah. There were many Native Americans located here, but they have all been chased out or decided to stay and help us build a suitable colony for the people.

Important Events

1732- King George issued Georgia's first official charter

1733- Oglethorpe settled In Georgia.

1736- Ft. Frederica was built

1740- Oglethorpe tried to capture St. Augustine from the Spaniards but failed

1750- Prohibition of Slaves Act abolished.

Why Georgia?

Georgia has a lot of land available for farming and other agricultural use. Since we can have slaves now, we will be able to grow more money making crops than ever before like tobacco and cotton. There aren't also many people in Georgia so there won't be much competition if you settle here. You could also have as much amount of slaves you want. This would be a great opportunity for you to make a lot of money. So tell your friends to head on over to Georgia!!!


Great Britain was the only European country that settled in Georgia, but Spain did try to take over Georgia many times. Great Britain established Georgia cause they want a buffer zone to protect Virginia from the Spaniards. Georgia is located near the south-eastern tip of all the colonies. There is also complete access to the Atlantic Ocean and the land in Georgia is mostly but it is very rich in nutrients and it also humid and hot. The economic development was very slowly developing but not a great pace because Georgia prohibits slaves. Georgia is a buffer type colony, but it also has a lot of potential to be a money-making colony. The land can grow tobacco and cotton. Most of the colony is mostly Christian, but many people from various religions are coming from around the world to settle here. We have a great governor and legislative body. A major event that makes Georgia unique is Georgia was only established to keep the tensions between Spain and Britan calm so there wasn't really a common religion in the colony so there were people of various faiths. James Oglethorpe was the only major leader in the colony. He found the colony and he created the government and promoted economic development in the colony.