Third Grade Update

Happy Spring:)


The PSSA tests will be given Monday, March 24th through Friday, March 28th. There are 6 subtests to the assessment. One will be given each day in the morning, with the last one being taken on Thursday afternoon. Each test takes about an hour to complete, although children are given as much time as needed. There are 3 math and 3 reading tests. Please encourage them to check the assessment before handing in.

Students should prepare by getting a good night's sleep and eating a healthy breakfast.

All students should have at least 2 books at their seats in case they finish early. They will only be allowed to read.

No written homework will be given during the PSSA testing window. Children are encouraged to read each night and practice facts.

Theme 4 ELA

We will be testing theme 4 ELA next Wednesday and Thursday, March 20th and 21st. AS always we will send a review packet home. We will spend time reviewing for this Monday-Wednesday.

This theme test will consist of:

*Reading Comprehension-students must go back to the story to find the best answer to the question. Please encourage your child to read and understand the question before answering.

*short responses- be sure to answer question in a complete paragraph with an opening, three details to support your answer and a wrap up.

*vocab from lessons 16-20 (they will be sent home on flashcards early next week and are listed in the packet)

*phonics and spelling from the last four weeks including (er) spelled er, ir, ur, ear; words with prefixex and words with suffixes.

*Grammar wil consist of adjectives, articles (the, a, an), verbs and subject/verb agreement.

*Compare and contrast- children must make sure to tell about both items when contrasting. EX. Instead of this winter was cold and snowy, they must add what they are comparing to. This winter was cold and snowy, but last winter was warm and dry.

*Theme is the underlying message to the story. It is not a detail from the story, but the message the author wants you to know.


We are just finishing Unit 7 which is all about multiplication and extended multiplication facts. Students who have memorized their multiplication facts are having an easy time with this chapter.

WE will begin Unit 8 on fractions next week and use it as a review for PSSA testing.

As always keep working on those facts!