North VS. South

U.S. Civile war

General Infomation

This civil war was occurred in 1861 between North side and South side.

North had 23 states with 22 million people. But for South, they had 11 states and 9 million people.

North had bigger army. They had 2.1 million people in the army. 180,000 blaks and 130,000 came from slave states fought in this war. South had 600,000 - 1.5 million people in the army.


North had Abraham Lincoln (right side) and South had Jefferson Davis (Left side).

Military Leaders

North had Ulysses S. Grant. He had leadership of Lincoln, and Industrial power. He also had military power and greater wealth.

South had Robert E. Lee. He thoughts cotton could be traded for weapons. He had strong military, strong motivation. They were skilled with gun and horse.

Five causes of cilvil war

- Economic differences

Northern economy was based more on industry than agriculture, so they manufacture raw cotton and turned into finishing goods.

Southern economy was one crop economy, depending on cotton and therefore on slavery.

- States vs. Federal rights

North wanted State's rights. They thoughts states have the right to limit the power of the Federal government.

South wanted Federal rights. They wanted more power to the national government.

- Slavery

Most Northerners opposed slavery, but Southerners wanted slavery.
North felt that it was immoral. South people thought that the loss of slavery would bankrupt the south. They had a economic differences on it.

- Tarffis

North wanted high tax on foreign goods, because they made their own goods. South wanted a lower tax on foreign goods, because bought goods from North.

- Cultural differences

North was rich, so they were more educated than South, and they were working Industry.
South was poor, so they were not educated like North, and they were farmers.


North had bigger population than South, and bigger army.

South fight on home ground, and had strong military.


North went to the South side. A lot of people died in the war.

South had smaller population than North.