School Closing Information

Aquin Schools 2018-19

Notification Systems

Please DO NOT call our offices.

Please use the resources listed below (in order of priority) to be notified of our status. We will notify you via these systems as soon as decisions are made regarding weather closures or early releases.

1. Remind (sign up for this notification here)

2. Facebook

3. Aquin Website

4. Email

5. TV Stations (WREX, WIFR, WTVO)

6. Big Radio

Snow Day/Cold Day Procedure

The decision to close school for the day or release early is one that is made with much thought and consideration. Each school district faces it’s own unique set of circumstances when making the decision. The Aquin administration takes into account many different factors. We look at the weather conditions, precipitation and temperature, based on information gathered from the National Weather Service (NWS), local road conditions provided by IDOT and discussion with the administration of FSD145.

Aquin may not always follow the decisions made by FSD145. Especially when it comes to closing school for temperatures. FSD145 has approximately 1,000 students who walk to school. This is a factor that does not affect Aquin. The majority of our students are brought to school by a parent, sibling or carpool. We do have some students who are provided transportation via FSD145 busing who would have to obtain alternate transportation if Aquin was in school and FSD was not.

In the event that inclement or extreme weather warrants school closing or an early release, the following will occur:

  • Parents will be notified as early in the morning as possible, often by 5:00 a.m., through the use of Remind.

    • Early release from school will be determined as early in the day as possible based on information gathered from The National Weather Service (NWS), IDOT and FSD145.

  • Closings and Early Releases will be posted on the following media outlets:

    • Aquin’s Facebook

    • Aquin Website

    • Local TV Stations (WREX, WIFR, WTVO)

    • Big Radio

    • WCCI Radio from Savanna

    • Journal Standard

The decision to close school or release early due to the weather is made by the Superintendent in consultation with the administrative team, NWS, IDOT and FSD145 administration. The safety and well being of our students and staff is at the forefront of the decision. We would like to note that Aquin respects the rights of our parents to make the choice of their student’s attendance on days Aquin remains open while other schools may be closed.

After School/Evening Activities

When school closes early due to weather, all evening activities will be cancelled--most of the time. Sometimes there are exceptions to this rule and we will notify you of these situations as they arise. But generally, if school is cancelled, all games, practices, rehearsals and meetings are cancelled. Games will be rescheduled as quickly as possible but involve communications with the other school, coaches, referees and transportation.