Hawaiian Shirt

Places to Wear Designer Aloha Shirts

Aloha shirts are in huge demand now-a-days. Despite the fact that the energetic and vibrant shirts shot to fame and were Hawaii's hot selling souvenir items ever since they were being designed for the very first time, their popularity saw a decline a few years back. This is mainly because people often felt hesitated about wearing such bold colors and prominent patterns in the public. It is then that the designers and manufacturers of aloha shirts started revamping the look and feel of aloha shirts to make them ideal as even formal wear. Today aloha shirts are worn in private as well as government owned organizations in Hawaii. Other than that, people from all over the world have started adopting aloha shirts as their regular business-wear. However, if you are a fan of aloha shirts but don't really know how to put on these beautiful garments properly to look like a hunk, make sure that you read ahead.

Light colored t-shirt

Aloha shirts look best when worn with a white or some other light colored t-shirt beneath the shirt. A white t-shirt helps make the patterns and the bold colors of the shirt appear more vivid, as a result enhancing the real beauty of the shirt. Never pair an aloha shirt with a brightly colored t-shirt or a one with bold patterns on it. This is because, the patterns on the aloha designer shirt and the t-shirt will then clash and will give way to a huge fashion faux-pas.


The right and the ideal way to wear an aloha designer shirt is to wear it unbuttoned. This is especially recommended when you are planning to wear the shirt in an informal party or for enjoying on the beach. This is because, aloha shirts are the symbols of relaxation and d fun-loving attitude and you would definitely want to stay cool and refreshed while under the sun. For wearing an aloha shirt unbuttoned, pair it with a light colored t-shirt, preferably white and then just let the shirt loose. This is the ideal way of wearing an aloha shirt because in this way you would not even have to be bold enough to flaunt the prominent patterns and vivid colors. The combination of the white t-shirt underneath the vividly designed shirt will create a nice and smart contrast.


Since aloha shirts are also worn in offices and place of business now-a-days, you can also plan to do the same by wearing your aloha shirt tucked in your pants. Choose a shirt with subdued colors and miniature patterns to make the attire ideal for wearing in office. Modern aloha designer shirts are available in many formal shades which are ideal for wearing in office and you can choose from the wide variety to pick the one that best suit your tastes.