Gulledge Staff

Friday Focus February 8 - 12, 2016


Friendship Week & National Counselor Appreciation Week

Monday - Wear a tie

3rd 9 Weeks Progress Reports

2:45 - 4:00 Chess & Drama Club

Tuesday - Wear "silly" mismatched clothes

Jamie Mc out for training (PM)

Wednesday - Wear a Super Hero outfit or your favorite shirt

9:00-10:00 PTA Board Meeting (lounge)

Thursday - Wear warm-ups or warm clothes

3:00 - 3:50 5th grade choir

Friday - Wear red or pink, and bring a stuffed animal

Jamie Mc out for training (all day)

1:15 - 2:30 Party

Coming up: Monday(2/15)-PDH Day; Dress comfy; lunch provided :)

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A shout-out to those that have been giving the shout-outs...

You saw the positive notes go out from our staff members recently. Thank you! Let's keep that chain going. Let's recognize those wonderful people and keep us happy, productive and efficient.

And another shout-out to Jen for the wonderful soup/salad club!

If you haven't heard, you won't want to miss joining it next time.

We invite you to stay in the KNOW with the great things taking place at Gulledge! Please follow each other on Twitter to see what's happening in the building!

@GulledgeGators School wide

@DeniBleggi Principal, Deni Bleggi

@karen_lee_ Assistant Principal, Karen Lee

@ladylibrary _1 Library Learning Commons

@Gullart Pam Horn, Art Specialist

@liststormbeyer Lisa Beyer, Music Specialist

@gulledgepe Gulledge P.E. & Fitness Team

@KGulledgeGators Kindergarten team

@1GulledgeGators First grade team

@SecondGators Second grade team

@GulledgeGator3 Third grade team

@GulledgeGator4 Fourth grade team

@Gulledge5th Fifth grade team

@GulledgeESL Doris Ratenski, ESL Specialist

@ missPACEwhite Erica White, PACE Specialist

#gulledgelearns School wide hashtag

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