Tiger Press

Teacher Appreciation Week

Weeks of May 16 & May 23

Important Dates


CAASSP testing begins 4th and 5th

Rosie out


Stephanie to interviews

Rosie out

8:30 & 12:30 EES in MPR

3:15 GATE Class, Yoga and Garden Club

6:00 Girls Scouts in MPR

6:30 Board Meeting to honor Employees of the Year


7:45 School Site Council

2:30 PLC

Jose/Tony's birthday


8:00 Ana's Baby Shower

10:30 Social Committee Potluck at lunch

3:15 GATE class


Family Friday

Fallbrook Street School to visit

5/21 Bonnie's birthday

5/22 Rolayne's birthday


Stephanie at teacher interviews

F & P Assessment Window open


Stephanie to PC

3rd to SD Zoo

Math TOSAs on site for K

Garden and Yoga


2nd to Bataguitos Lagoon

2:30 PLC


Rolayne out

Lots of fieldtrips to day- check master

2:00 Food Pantry

4:00 BTSA Night

6:00 Migrant Ed in MPR


Rolayne out

ELA/ELD Pilot meeting in MPR all day

8:45 Flag Salute

Olympic Country Day

5/28 Abby Lyon's birthday

5/30 Suzie Willis's birthday


-AR incentive for May-We will have Olympic Games Day. We will have kids come out in 30 minute blocks this time. Please see this schedule on master calendar.

-Wednesday, 5/18 at 6:30 pm our wireless will be updated. It will be down for a little bit that evening.

-Reminder to take all valuables out of your car every day. A couple of local schools have had cars stolen from their parking lots during the school day or broken into. We want your stuff kept safe.

-I noticed someone had written they wanted clickers for their classroom because they do not have 1:1. I have a few sets if that was you and want to use them.

-We now own a carpet cleaner that is super easy to use. I cleaned the community room carpet in less than 15 minutes and it looked 90% better! It is available for anyone to use if you would like. Rosa and team will be using it this summer to clean carpets as well. We will also use it on those "accidents that happen" in primary classrooms.



STAPLES and Current Wisdom Foundation Grants

Please see me if you are interested in applying for this simple grant. If you are looking for more ideas or have something you really have been wanting for your class, this is the grant for you!

Need Tech Ideas or Support?