Wanna Feel Loved?

Of course you do!

Join me this Saturday, LIVE in West LA.

I'm Syndee Stein & I help soulful women build their lives and relationships on solid ground.

Receive, Transform & Inspire is a 2 hour workshop for women who are ready for a rock solid relationship with a man who just fits! Whether you're single, not sure about your current relationship, looking to re-kindle a dying flame or just want to have more skill in dealing with the men in your life, you will walk away from "Receive Love" with mad love skills!

You'll learn...

* The #1 thing that every man needs from a woman (no, no... it's not sex).

* How to trust yourself and use you're intuition to guide men into their hearts.

* How to avoid being a "nagger" & what to do to instead to get 'em to shape up!

* How to give yourself the life you've always wanted.

And a whoooole lot more. This class isn't canned. I don't read off a script. I show up and relate to YOU and your questions about love and how to receive a whole lot more of it!

Chances are you've put up with some pretty bad behavior and less than optimal treatment. Maybe you're the kind of girl who always seem to attract guys that pursue you and are so in love with you… and as soon as you return the affection… they’re done. Or maybe your man doesn't talk to you anymore... you just kind of coexist.

Whatever your story... you can have a much happier ending!

Be prepared to move your body, meet other amaaaazing women who are committed to their best life, and to get crazy empowered to Receive Love.

Receive, Transform & Inspire

Saturday, Jan. 12th 2013 at 10am-12pm

2001 South Barrington Avenue

Los Angeles, CA

$25 at the door or $20 if you sign up now.