Through The Tunnel

By Doris Lessing


Jerry and his mom decided to go to the beach. While Jerry was swimming, he saw some boys playing and decided he wanted to be friends with them. They hung out until the boys went under water, through a tunnel, leaving Jerry out. Jerry couldn't go through the tunnel and over the next few days he was determined to go through it. Every time he stayed under water he was able to stay longer and longer but he would always end up getting dizzy and his nose always bled. Then, one day he decided he would do it since his mother told them they were leaving and he almost got himself killed. Jerry then decided he would not do it again and that he didn't care if he was friends with the boys or not.


Jerry is a young boy determined to go through a tunnel to become friends with some boys. He is the protagonist because he wants to succeed in something.
The tunnel is the antagonist because it's stopping him from being friends and the water is also one because it's preventing him from even going near the tunnel and his body is an antagonist becaause holding his breath is stopping him from staying under water for a long period of time


There were two conflicts, one internal and the other external. The external is Man versus man and man versus nature.Jerry had an external conflict against nature and his body. The external is the tunnel and water because both are preventing him from being friends with the boy. The water is preventing him from being near the tunnel. The internal conflict Jerry has is having enough courage and determination to be able to go through the tunnel.


Theme topic: determination

Theme statement is being able to have determination to achieve your goals.

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