MAY 2022


Dear Parents and Guardians,

This past month has flown by, and I cannot believe how quickly we are approaching the end of the school year. Although very busy, this time of year is always packed with fun and exciting activities for our students to participate in.

We are officially counting down the days to our 1st Annual Leadership Day, which will be held on Thursday, May 26th. While this event is created to share our leadership skills with other educators around the county, we will be sure to share with our parents’ pictures from the day’s events. Be sure to ask your child in the next few weeks what leadership roles they will take part in during this exciting event.

While a portion of our state testing was completed in April, we have ELA, Math, and Science testing coming up these next few weeks for our 3rd-5th grade students. We ask that you please be aware of these testing dates and ensure your child is here at school and on time. We look forward to seeing our students shine by sharing all the knowledge they learned this school year.

Thank you to all that participated in our first Student Led Conferences this year. It was wonderful to be able to welcome parents on campus to engage in meaningful and positive conversations with their child(ren). I was happy to see many of you take the opportunity to walk around campus and see the beautiful new additions to our leadership environment. If you have not already, make sure to complete the Student Led Conference Parent Survey. Link is provided below.

We are excited to have one more parent lunch before the end of the school year. Our first lunch was a HUGE success! Below are a few reminders and tips for our next lunch on Friday, May 6th.

· Parents who plan on attending will park in the BACK parking lot near the cafeteria.

· Parents will use gate and video doorbell system to enter school cafeteria.

· All parents and guests must show ID upon entry.

· Parents will be given a visitor sticker and will remain in the cafeteria during their child’s lunch time.

· Parents must not stay in cafeteria throughout any other scheduled lunch blocks besides their child’s. If parents have more than one child, we kindly ask that you leave and return at the scheduled lunch times. There will not be space in the cafeteria for parents to stay and wait.

· School staff will set up specific tables around the cafeteria for parents to eat with their child.

· Parents can only eat lunch with their child- all other students will remain in their normal lunch table location.

· Sharing of food with other students is prohibited due to allergies (no birthday treats)

· Parents will not be able to purchase school lunch on these dates.

We are excited that parents have this opportunity once again. We appreciate your support in ensuring it runs smoothly and safely for all our students. Below are the scheduled lunch times for all grade levels and dates of the two Parent Friday Lunches.

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Date: Friday, May 6th

As we finish out the end of the year, we look forward to watching our 5th graders graduate and move on to middle school! 5th Grade Graduation is scheduled the morning of June 2nd, which is also the last day of school. More information regarding graduation will be sent in the coming weeks.

As always, please reach out to our front office with any questions or concerns about our upcoming events.


Mrs. Ledbetter


WTBE News-Did you know that the WTBE News program starts each morning at 8:15? Our school news program is run by our student TV News Broadcast Leaders! We would love for ALL students to be in their seats listening to these morning announcements, celebrations and TBE highlights! You never know when your name or class might be called for a special announcement! Thank you for making it a goal to get our kids in their seat by 8:15 each morning!

State and District Assessment Dates-Please mark your calendars and plan for kids to be in school. If possible, please plan family vacations and doctor appointments around the testing dates.

o 4th and 5th Gr ELA FSA (session 1), Mon, May 2

o 4th and 5th Gr ELA FSA (session 2), Tues, May 3

o 3rd Gr Math (session 1), Wed, May 4

o 3rd Gr Math (session 2), Thurs, May 5

o 4th and 5th Gr Math FSA (session 1), Mon, May 9

o 4th and 5th Gr Math FSA (session 2), Tues, May 10

o 5th Gr Science FSA (session 1), Mon, May 16

o 5th Gr Science FSA (session 2), Tues, May 17

o District Post Tests May 16-June 2

As we get closer to district post-test dates, we will let you know more specific information for your child’s particular grade level.


Please refer to the CCPS academic calendar when planning vacations and appointments as much as possible. Vacation days are not excused absences and students miss valuable instruction by the teacher on the days they are not in school. A doctor note excusing an absence must be turned in to the school office within 24 hours of the student returning to school to be marked excused in the computer. Parents will receive a letter in the mail when the student has excessive absences whether they are excused or not. Habitual absences are monitored by the County Attendance Officer and may result in Truancy Court. Students who have been approved for Out-of-Zone permission to attend Tommie Barfield may have their permission revoked if they accumulate excessive absences and/or tardies and/or early pick-ups from school. Students are recognized quarterly and annually for perfect attendance.

Please follow call 377-8500 to report your child’s absence each day your child is absent. Calling the school will validate the absence so your child will not have an UNEXCUSED absence on their record.

Toys from home: Please check and clean out backpacks to make sure your child is not bringing toys to school that can be a distraction. Toys, Pokémon cards, pop its, or items that are a distraction will be collected and parents are free to come and pick them up in the front office.

LAPTOPS - Please Use Responsibly!

Just a reminder - laptops are still CCPS property and need to be cared for responsibly.

Pursuant to Rule 27 of the District’s Code of Student Conduct, students are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of District property in their possession such as a laptop or other electronic device. The rule provides the following:


  • Students are expected to take good care of school property. Students must assume full responsibility for the care of school property available to them. This includes, but is not limited to textbooks, uniforms, equipment, electronic devices, or library books. These items are issued by school personnel and must be returned to the same person upon completion of the school year or withdrawal from school. Responsibility for the property rests with the student to whom the property is issued.

The cost to repair or replace laptops for irresponsible damage is as follows:

  • Power adapter $48.00
  • Keyboard $95.00
  • Screen $231.00
  • Laptop Total Replacement $586.00

Dana Franklin-Riashi, Assistant Principal

Tommie Barfield Elementary School


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Our Mission: Recognize individual genius, build confidence and create leaders.

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May brings us to our last full month of school, can you believe how much your child has grown and learned? We are learning all about plants in May. We will also have a special week May 9th-13th learning about animals of the Everglades. It will culminate with an exciting ZooCon on May 13th. Be sure to ask your child about our video conference with the zookeeper at the Naples Zoo. In May, we are also looking forward to our Leadership Day. It will be May 26th.

Kindergarten is an amazing time to look back and see how much progress your child has made in becoming a reader. Below are some ways you can continue and support this process.

  • Take a “rich” picture walk through the book before reading.
  • Make predictions as to what the story could be about.
  • Read any names or places that are in the story to help preview those words.
  • Decode any new or unfamiliar vocabulary with your child using segmenting, chunking, and blending decoding skills.
  • Segmenting “sounding out” words into parts. i.e., Green ~ g-r-e-e-n.
  • Chunking: using little words in multi-syllable words to help decode the word. i.e.“yes”-ter- “day.”
  • Blending: reading the individual sounds of words together fluently. i.e., c-a-t ~ cat.
  • An essential comprehension skill for all academic’s areas is summarizing. Ask your child to tell the main idea of the story when you are finished reading with them.
  • Another comprehension skill is retelling. After reading the story, encourage your child to tell what happened in the beginning, the middle and the end of the story using details.

It will be a fun and fast month. Thank you for all you do for us and the students.

The Kindergarten Team


The First-Grade team wants to thank all our families and friends for another successful fundraiser and for all your help on Field Day. As well as a big shout out to our amazing PTO for all your help and dedication! We could not do it without your hard work, support, and commitment. Consequently, making both events a tremendous success!

In math we will be learning about money and telling time on the hour and half hour. Please take the time now to help your child with recognizing each coin, its value and making a dollar, many ways, using coins. In addition, practice telling time on the hour and half hour. Take advantage of a fun family activity to make an analog clock using a paper plate. Then use it to tell time on the hour and half hour.

Although students are beginning to read more independently, reading to your child is always a very special treat. In addition, it helps expand their vocabulary and comprehension of more complex text. This is a wonderful opportunity for families to curl up with a book, spend time reading together, and put those electronic devices aside.

Finally, Student Led Conference Day was spectacular! Students did a fabulous job sharing their leadership binders and putting into practice their leadership skills. We are very proud, not only of their hard work, but also of the life skills students are learning through Leader In Me to empower each child to become future leaders.


First Grade Team

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May has arrived! Happy Mother’s Day, to all mothers!

Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend the Student Led Conferences last month on campus! It was so wonderful to connect with parents and to have your child share their learning progress and successes with you!

In language arts, students are learning about what we can learn from different people and cultures around the world. The texts in this final module about ways that people celebrate and honor their heritage. Students will be further developing their learning of text features, figurative language, inferences, theme, and story structure just to name a few. Also, students will be taking their AP3 iReady diagnostic later this month. It was originally scheduled for April; however, the district moved the 2nd grade testing to May. Please look for a class tag from your teacher what day your child is scheduled to take this important final iReady diagnostic. As always, please continue to encourage your child to read nightly so they can take quizzes on the books they have read and earn Reading Counts points. In writing, their final writing pieces will be writing letters.

In math, students are continuing to improve their math fact fluency in subtraction. Students are finishing their last learning goals related to fractions and then your child will be continuing to review areas they have learned throughout the year. Please encourage your child to continue improving their math fact fluency so they are ready for 3rd grade.

In social studies this month, students are learning about the United States, and we trade with other nations to exchange goods and services. We also learning about the personal benefits of saving and spending. In science, the students are learning through observations and measuring that the Sun’s energy directly and indirectly warms the water, land, and air. Finally, as a STEAM activity, students are having some fun programming our Ozobots!

Summer is just around the corner!

The Second Grade Team


Wow! It is amazing to see how hard the third graders worked on the ELA FSA! We are so proud of them! Over the next month, we will continue to review all the content that we have learned so far this year so that we finish third grade strong! On May 4th and 5th, we will be taking our Math FSA. Please make sure your child gets to sleep early and has a good breakfast before that.

We are excited to have our first Leadership Day at TBE! Third Grade will be running our market that day. It will be a part of our favorite activity in our currency unit! We are beginning our third-grade market in social studies to learn more about goods and services. Each child will create a good that they would like to display on Leadership Day on May 26th. They will create a business plan, a logo, and advertising! We cannot wait to see what they come up with!

The Third Grade Team


Fourth Graders shined April 7th when they took the FSA Writing Test. Months of hard work and practice were on display as students sat down to take the two-hour assessment. Way to go fourth grade! With the writing behind us, our focus is on the upcoming Reading and Math FSA, May 2nd and 3rd for Reading and 9th and 10th for Math. May also brings our 3rd iReady Diagnostic on May 17. As with the writing, the standards have been taught and now we are in a period of review.

For the next few weeks review will be very important. During this time, any standards our students need to brush up on will be retaught. This is done with small groups of students and whole class. We even have students working hard after school being tutored in Math and Reading. As a heads up, the work coming home is review homework and we need your support more than ever in making sure it is being done. A lot of care is being taken to make sure we are maximizing this time left before testing. We also ask your support in making sure the kids are getting enough sleep and getting to school on time, especially on testing days.

When testing is behind us, we have some fun learning activities planned for our students. We are busily preparing for TBE’s first Leadership Day. May 26. Every classroom is prepared to show our guests what leadership looks like in an elementary school. In math they will be creating math games boards with questions based on the standards that were taught this year. This is always great fun. We will read the Last Egret which is a wonderful historical fiction novel. It was written by a Florida native and takes place in the late nineteenth century when the Florida Everglades supplied the booming trade in bird feathers for ladies’ fashion. With this novel we pull reading, social studies, and science all together.

Thank you for your support.

The Fourth Grade Team


Hello Fifth Grade Families!

The end of the school year is fast approaching. The 5th grade students have continuously worked hard in all their subject areas. Even though our “Connect for Success” lessons have ended, we have continued to work on social emotional lessons and Leader in Me. Taking time each day to connect with each other allows for emotional and academic growth. Student Led Conferences were an enormous success. It was wonderful to see the students share their learning and growth with their families.

In reading, students will be continuing to read and analyze multiple texts across various genres to strengthen their comprehension skills. We will also be working on a district created “Boot Camp” to prepare for FSA testing. In writing/social studies class, students will be researching a leader who made the world a better place. They will “become” this person by writing a script and presenting the information in a wax museum. More information on this presentation will be forthcoming. In Math, we will be reviewing all the content learned this year and will also be participating in a district created “Boot Camp.” In Science, students will be participating in various “Boot Camps” and reviewing for the FSA. Students will be receiving a “test smash” packet that has 15 days of homework in it.

Please continue to have your child complete their weekly minutes in Aleks and USA Test Prep. Encouraging your child to complete his/her homework and assignments help create good study habits that will last a lifetime.

We continue to be available if you have any questions or concerns through ClassTag, email, or via school phone. Thank you as always for your support and cooperation in helping your child reach his/her full academic and emotional potential.

The Fifth Grade Team


Kinder is currently working on a project dealing with depth. They have created buildings hiding behind others and will add other things next week to further create the illusion of depth. The goal for them while drawing was to make sure the buildings that are supposed to be closer, block parts of buildings that are farther away.

First and second grade have been learning about texture and how to add texture to their artwork by placing their papers over textured surfaces when coloring.

Second, third, fourth, and fifth grade have been learning a different technique in drawing by using a grid to try to reproduce a larger scale drawing of a smaller picture I have given them. With this they have created some amazing grinch drawings, Keith Haring reproductions, and self-portraits.

If you have not check out your student’s artwork on Artsonia, check them out here:

To look at our artist’s work or to see who the Star Student was for each day, follow @beauvaisCCPS on twitter.

Mr. Lane Beauvais

Art Teacher


In the month of May, primary students learn how to research online using our District resource to Pebble Go! an online interactive encyclopedia. Grades 1 and 2 learn to take notes and cite the source. All primary students create a digital project to present their learning. Intermediate students showcase their Minecraft: Education Edition (M:EE) skills by creating their own world based on a given theme in their Final Build Challenge. Grade 3 students design a Digital Safety World to teach what they learned about being safe and smart with technology. Their worlds will contain at least 3 digital safety rules, 1 NPC (Non-player character), and two Chalkboards (Slates, Posters or Boards). For their Final Build Challenge, students in Grades 4 and 5 engineer an Amusement Park World, with at least two different redstone functions, different building materials, at least 1 NPC and 2 Chalkboards. All intermediate students will document their Final Build Challenge with the M:EE camera and Book & Quill, which students will export and submit through Canvas. Please remind students that M:EE is only allowed at school in Tech (IR) Class with Mrs. McCarty.


May is a month of personal discovery in Music class. Students will share their opinions about different styles of Music from several periods of Music History. Individual expression will also be seen in movement… in other words, it’s time to bust a move or two. I am also so excited to see the wonderful talents that will be shared at our Leadership Day event at the end of the month!

Mr. Craig Greusel

Music Teacher


As run club continues throughout the school year, 80 of our third thru fifth grade students had the opportunity to complete their Kids On The Go Final Mile Run at GGHS. These students were invited to run their “final mile” on the high school track while racing students from other elementary schools, although many of these students have run well over their goal of 26.2 miles.

Additionally, during the last week of April we celebrated Every Kid Healthy Week. The school had themed days to help represent the various aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. Some highlights included wearing pajamas and getting 8-9 hours of sleep every night, eating meals as a family, giving your brain a break, and increasing physical movements to help improve your focus in the classroom, synergizing by working together as a team and displaying respect for others, and the importance of a good friendship.

Deana Richett

Physical Education Teacher


Reading Counts Updates

Kindergarten through Fifth graders have now read 90,545,005 words this year. Students in grades K-5, have read and passed tests on 11,621 Reading Count Books.


All Kindergarten through Second Grade Students and the Third Grade through Fifth Grade that read 3 or more SSYRA Books voted for their favorites on April 8th. Landy Godines, the Outreach Coordinator from Collier County Supervisor of Elections brought the official voting booths and scanner. Students filled out a ballot to choose their favorite book and then watched it be scanned into the machine. TBE winners were announced the next day on the WTBE Morning News Show. The statewide winners will be announced soon. We will be celebrating 2nd graders who read all 5 SSYRA Jr books with an ice cream party and 3-5th Graders who read 7 or more SSYRA books with a Carnival. Stay tuned for more details!


Announcement: Make sure you contact Leanne Hope at

Or 239-377-8506 to move ahead with the volunteer process after you have completed your online application at

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you continue to have weekly or monthly family meetings, you might want to use a strategy available to us at school as we continue to have our Monday morning classroom meetings. This strategy is like using a suggestion box. Only this technique involves solving family problems by having family members drop notes into a “discussion box.” Writing about issues that are bothering family members can give time for reflection and leads to a more peaceful discussion by giving some distance from the problem.


Leanne Hope, School Counselor


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