The Return of the Dust Bowl

Dust, Dust, and More Dust

What caused the first Dust Bowl

The First Dust Bowl happened because of deforestation and drought. Deforestation is when forests to make room for other things like gas stations, and houses. Because of being so dry dust just fell apart and when the winds came it just picked up the dust so easily that is created a dust storm. Also the depression is another thing that made the Dust Bowl more harder than ever. People barely had enough money to buy bread to eat, and others went weeks without food and then killed their pets just so they could live another week hoping that tomorrow would be better. A seed of the Dust Bowl could have been a post-WW1 when farmers tried mechanized farming techniques. That may have been the seed because if they try new things and it don't work then it can dry out the soil. a quote is- "Many bought plows and other farming equipment, and between 1925 and 1930 more than 5 million acres of previously unfarmed land was plowed [source: CSA](para 3)." Another quote is- "During the drought of the 1930s, the unanchored soil turned to dust, which the prevailing winds blew away in huge clouds that sometimes blackened the sky (para 2)."

can the world's Dustiest catastrophe happen again.

There have been signs of another Dust Bowl possible to happen in Texas. "Texas thunderstorm on July 24 kicked up a dust cloud as the winds passed over ground parched and barren from a drought that began back in 2010(1st para). Some Dust clouds rolled over interstate 20 and the drivers lost sight just before 8:00 p.m. which caused drivers to slow down and that caused a lot of collisions. About 17 cars and trucks ran into one another."Nearly 60 percent of the United States, mostly in the center and west of the country, is currently experiencing moderate to exceptional drought conditions, according to the National Drought Monitor, and the drought is expected to persist into 2013 for many of those already parched states(para 2)."" The Dust Bowl provides the best—or perhaps, the most horrific—example of the phenomenon, but the current drought may be foreshadowing an even worse future(3 para)."The Drought in the 1930s is not to different than the one now.Scientists have traced the drought of the Dust Bowl years to abnormal sea surface temperatures.The year 1932 saw 14 dust storms, followed by 38 in 1933.

survival guide

If there were signs that a dust storm could happen any second in Arkansas then I would get some tape so I could tape the door shut. Some other things I would get just in case of a dust storm is some kind of mask to put over my mouth. Dust always found its way in so it wouldn't get into my lungs. I would also have a water bottle just in case the water was already filled with dust or dirt or even both. I would also take a blanket or two just in case I would have to stay overnight in the bathroom and the other one I would put it at the bottom of he door and tape it down to where I couldn't see any more holes. Then I would just wait it out. If i had my phone and my parents weren't home i would call and see if they are ok. and my steps would be:

1. Get a few blankets and some ducktape or any kind of tape

2. Get in the bathroom

3. put a blanket at the bottom of the door

4.ducktape the sides and the top and the blanket at the bottom just to be safe

5. Get in the bathtub and shut the curtain

6. tape the curtain shut

Taya Deans




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