Calus and Aventus


Long ago two boys were watching ships unload at the dock. Their names were Aventus and Calus. While they were watching the ships come and go Aventus broke the silence by saying, “I wonder what happens to the ships that get destroyed by storms, does Poseidon take the cargo?”

“No, my father does not take the cargo.” Calus replied “Whoa, your father is Poseidon!” Aventus exclaimed in amazement. “Yes, my father is Poseidon.”

Then Aventus, with curiosity glistening from his eyes, asked “Have you ever visited your father before?” “Of course …” Calus snapped “What child of a god hasn’t visited their parent before”? Now that Calus told Aventus, he acted like he was better than him. But Aventus didn’t mind, he was talked to a lot that way so he was used to it.

“So what are we waiting for, let’s go visit your father!” Aventus exclaimed. “I suppose it would be fine if I brought a friend.” Calus said with a hint of hesitation in his voice.

When they arrived at Poseidon’s domain, Aventus was jumping up and down like a kangaroo. Now that they were there, Calus was afraid of Aventus embarrassing him in front of his dad. Aventus stopped jumping when he noticed that the big, monstrous doors were opening.

“Ah, my fifth favorite son has come to see me.” Poseidon jokingly said with a smile. “You know I don’t think that’s funny.” Calus said with a stubborn voice “I know my boy, I’m just joking around. And who’s this, one of your mortal friends?” Poseidon asked with a delightful voice. “Yes, this is Aventus.” “It’s nice to meet you Aventus.” Aventus stood staring up at Poseidon with his jaw dropped.

Later that day, after Aventus stopped gazing at Poseidon, Calus asked “Could I make an animal? It would be amazing to show people the animal I made.” Poseidon thought for a moment and then said “As long as it is not dangerous, then I would be glad to let you use my creation chamber.” “Psst, make a huge snake.” Aventus whispered to Calus. Aventus knew how much Calus liked snakes and knew that he would make a large snake.

So when Poseidon let them into the chamber, Calus made the snake we know now as the anaconda. But after he made about three dozen anacondas, the vicious snakes ate and Aventus. When Poseidon realized what was going on, he cut open the one that ate Calus and Aventus, but Calus and Aventus were dead.

Enraged by the death and disobedience of his son, Poseidon flooded all of the anacondas into the Amazon. So now you know how the anaconda came to be.