1. Shakespeare’s father held a lot of different jobs, and at one point got paid to drink beer.
  2. Shakespeare married an older woman who was three months pregnant at the time.
  3. Shakespeare’s parents were probably illiterate, and his children almost certainly were.
  4. Nobody knows what Shakespeare did between 1585 and 1592.
  5. Shakespeare’s plays feature the first written instances of hundreds of familiar terms.
  6. His shortest play is "The Comedy of Errors" at 1,770 lines; "Hamlet," with 4,042 lines, is his longest.
  7. The Globe Theatre is said to have stunk of garlic, beer and meat.
  8. His cause of death is not known, though legend has it that he drank too much one night and caught a fever.
  9. Shakespeare's gravestone says, "Blessed be the man that spares these stones, and cursed be he that moves my bones.”
  10. There are about 13 suicides in his plays.
  11. In his will, Shakespeare left his wife his "second-best bed."
William Shakespeare is considered one of the greatest writers of all time because of how his plays shaped contemporary literature. plays like twelfth the night and Hamlet are some works that worked as inspiration for movies like She's the Man and Lion King which have gained a massive amount of success. Shakespeare's works are also widely known for their themes of heroism, death, mans inhumanity towards man, and infidelity. Ultimately, all of Shakespeare's works have greatly influenced the world of literature.