by Hayden Sullins

Goverment of Romania

Romania is a democratic republic where the prime minister is head of government and the president is head of state. The prime minister is Mr. Victor viorel Ponta. The president is Mr. Klaus Warner lohanis. Romania became a republic December 30 1947.

Culture of Romania

The culture name of Romania is Romanian. It reflects the influence of ancient Rome on the language and culture. Romanians celebrate their ancient heritage, changing seasons, religious holidays, and life-cycle-events such a birth, marriage and death. These traditions include Bucharest of Old and Medieval Days. The Romanian dress refers to traditional clothing worn by Romanians in Romania and Moldova. Breakfast is usually a piece of bread with jam. The largest meal is eaten in the afternoon Meitei with garlic a appetizer. Main courses consist of meat with tocona, a pork- stew with garlic and onions.
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The 14th Annual no pants Subway Ride

Every year in Romania the citizens do annual 14th Annual No Pants Subway Ride. For one day every year commuters leave their trousers at home. It's just a fun tradition they do every year.

Landmarks in romania

One landmark is the Bran ski Slopes which looks like pearls scattered around cities. Another famous landmark is the Corvin castle which is in Transylvania and Romania.