Sevice Learning

The why behind the work

For every tax problem there is a solution which is straightforward, uncomplicated-and wrong -unknown

So it's your day to write in the SLI jounal?

The SLI journal is way for us to see how our experience is comparing to our teammates, and another way to learn from them while we are all split up.

Take this time to reflect on how your day is going, whether it's through a poem, a story, a drawing or a paragraph, or response to someone else entry. This can reflect on the particular day of service, the week or just your AmeriCorps experience as a whole.

Thank you from the seniors of sacremento

The seniors of Sacramento are very grateful for all the hard work we are putting in, hears what they had to say during fallow ups.

"I can't see very well anymore, and my wife has never even touched a computer, what you're doing at AARP and 211 are such a big help to us thank you."

"Everyone is so nice and helpful."

"I don't know what I would do if it wasn't for you guys, you take such a weight of my shoulders."

"It's such a pleasure every year."

How do we help?

Saves money It costs big bucks to pay to file, money that could be used for food, bills, family time, rent, school supplies, medical costs, gas and many other important things
Can save time For a busy parent of 3 with no computer, experience with taxes and 2 jobs, trying to file taxes on their own can take up a lot of important time.
No consequences for not filing on time/at all
Failing to file your taxes can result in fines, penalties and legal trouble, see more here

Question of the week

What was something that you found meaningful this week why?

Give me your written response at put your name in the jar twice