Transitioning to CP III

Full-Time Coteaching During Clinical Practice III - MSTEP


As spring quarter quickly comes to an end, it is important to discuss what coteaching will look like during Clinical Practice III (CPIII).

One of the primary differences of CPIII compared to CPII is that teacher candidates will be at the school site all day every day and are expected to participate fully in the classroom and school community, attending department meetings, professional developments, and school events.

CPIII is an opportunity for teacher candidates to become fully integrated into the classroom and school community, experiencing all aspects of what it means to be a teacher.

Clinical Practice III (CPIII) Logistics

  • CPIII candidates will begin their placements at the start of Cal Poly's fall quarter (specific dates will be sent to candidates, cooperating teachers, and supervisors as we near fall quarter).
  • Teacher candidates are at the school site all day, every day, actively involved (in some capacity) in all class duties. However, this does not mean that teacher candidates are the lead instructor for all subjects.
  • Teacher candidates should be involved in coplanning, coinstructing, and coassessing.
  • The CPIII candidate will conduct a two-week solo teach. Collaborating with the TC's university supervisor and CT will be important for this requirement.
  • The university supervisor will schedule four observations during CPIII.
  • The university supervisor will also schedule and lead the Summative Evaluation meeting. During this meeting, the teacher candidate will facilitate their Individual Development Plan discussion.
  • Teacher candidates will be applying for jobs (if they have not done so already) and will most likely have interviews. Saving the allotted excused absences per quarter for job interviews is highly recommended.
  • Teacher candidates are enrolled in CPIII seminar course.
  • Teacher candidates are allowed to substitute teach for their cooperating teacher on ten occasions during CPIII if the candidate is cleared to sub for the district in which they are placed.

Please watch the following screencast video to learn more about the expectations, priorities, and components of CPIII placements. You can access the Clinical Practice III Screencast slides here.

Clinical Practice III Screencast


  • You should discuss the transition with your university supervisor as early as possible.
  • Reach out to your cooperating teacher as soon as you have your CPIII assignment details to discuss the curriculum and schedule for spring quarter.
  • Make sure you are familiar with your district's Covid-19 protocol.
  • Work/Life Balance: As you move into full-time clinical practice self-care is important. Cal Poly has many resources for our students, which can be found on the Health and Wellbeing website. You can also revisit our Self Care During Clinical Practice newsletter.