GaVS Physical Science

January 2013 Newsletter

A Little About the Class

This section of Physical Science is an introductory to Chemistry concepts. Taking a course online has many benefits. One benefit including having multiple different opportunities to learn a concept. As students read through the content they can view videos, read scientific articles, do crossword puzzle reviews, and more. In addition, students have the opportunity to attend a live synchronous chat session held weekly. In these sessions, we review practice multiple choice problems, perform math calculations, listen to songs with concept specific information, and review essential concepts. If the student cannot attend Tuesdays @ 4:30 pm, they can always listen to the recording. Online courses are rigorous, requiring student motivation and organization. It is imperative that the student print out their schedule and check off their assignments as they complete them. You can support your student by asking them how they are doing with their assignment completion from week to week. Accountability is important for some students. In addition, students need to know to communicate with me as often as they need. If I don't hear from a student, I won't know how to help. I want each student to be successful and have a great experience in this course.

Upcoming Dates

Next Benchmark Due Date:
Friday, February 1st

D2L Help Sessions:

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at 11 AM

Thursday, January 24, 2013 at 7 PM

Attend by clicking this link.

GaVS Open House at 7:00 pm:

Tuesday, Jan 22

Thursday, Jan 31

Thursday, Feb 7

Tuesday, Feb 19

Attend by clicking this link.

Helpful Resources

There are many extra resources that I will be providing students to help them study for module tests and study for the End of Course Test in May. Each month, I will add more resources to this list.

Helpful News Announcements to Look For this Month

Tips for Success in Physical Science:

  • Communicate with me as you have questions about content, how to do an assignment, or grades.
  • Have your printed off schedule accessible as you check off the assignments you complete each day.
  • Print out content and highlight/underline important concepts
  • Attend (or listen to the recordings) ALL chat sessions
  • Read ALL Feedback on your completed assignments before you take your unit tests
  • Read the News Annoucements every day for the most up-to-date information regarding reminders, helps, and possible bonus opportunities
Need help with setting up your Parent Auditor Account? Need to know how to read quiz feedback or how to participate in a discussion? There are lots of questions and answers for both parents and students in GaVS Knowledgebase. You can access at the following:

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns as the semester progresses.