99th Street Drop Off

4th and 5th Grade

Good Evening 4th and 5th Grade Hannum Parents:

I am contacting you this evening to talk about the drop off for the 4th and 5th grade students on 99th Street. I have now been at this drop off location for about 2 weeks and there are a few things that I am noticing.

1. There are still a fair number of cars parking on the south side of the street (where the houses are) and walking their children across. 99th Street is a very busy street and this is very dangerous. Kids are running in front or behind cars that are parked and dropping off kids on the north side of 99th Street (the school side). I mention it to the kids when they get to me, but I know that isn't their fault. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, go around a corner and pull up on the school side of the street where I am to get the kids in to school safely

2. Kids are getting dropped off on the school side of the street and then parents will turn into a driveway across from the school and turn around on 99th Street. Again, this is very dangerous and will lead to an accident. 99 th Street gets a lot of traffic especially at drop off and pick up time. Just keep going west and turn at the corner. 5 extra minutes or the safety of you and your family seems like a very easy choice.

3. Families that drop off their kids and don't pull up very far and wait until their child is all the way in the building before pulling away. This holds up the line for everyone else trying to drop their kids off....especially with all the snow we have had, parents cannot drop their kids off except at the sidewalk which is not very big. Please move up as far as you can so you are not in the way of everyone trying to leave.

4. Finally, PLEASE do not cut in the line and pull in front of the car dropping their child off. We almost had an accident about a week ago and luckily nothing happened but it was close. Go to the end of the line and if all the rules are followed your child will get dropped off safely and on time.

I really appreciate your help with this and know that while some of these things are done so that it will go faster for you, I am trying to keep the 100+ students that get dropped off at the 99th Street side safe.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.