West Park School - T3 Wk 4

Friday 19th August 2022


Kia ora, Talofa, Kia orana,

Greetings Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers,


Congratulations to Samuel Andrews, Lauren van Assema, Timothy McMenamin and Zoran Nesic, who have all been appointed to our school board. Our staff board representative is yet to be elected, however, will be announced as soon as an appointment is made. Thank you all for your willingness and enthusiasm for being on our school board. It is a huge commitment that our students, staff and community greatly appreciate.

Thank you!

To the outgoing board and their incredibly supportive families (Natalie Henry, Aaron Jordan, Stefan Kirkwood, Hayley Marsh, Stuart Ng and Michael Joseph). The school community and I cannot thank you enough for all the time, effort, creativity, strategic thinking, tears, support and the professionalism you have all given to your roles on the Board during the past 4 years. You have all been apart of many changes at West Park School, driven large projects such as our new library, our charter strategic objectives, and dealt with many high and lows. Always driven by, and committed to providing the very best for our school and its students. You will be missed very much by staff, community and me.

Life Education Van visit

The Life Education van and Harold will be visiting our school from Wednesday 24 August until Friday 9 September. For the third year in a row the programme will be free, as all associated costs are being covered by the school board through its operational funds. We do however require permission for your child to attend the Life Education sessions. If you would like your child to take part in this educational opportunity please go to our school shop KINDO. There you can give your permission.

Developing Childrens’ Vocabularies

We want every child to enjoy environments in which words are not only noticed and appreciated, but also savored and celebrated. From an early age, children can enjoy new or unusual words and use them in speech and writing. The key for parents is paying attention to what words mean – and how they work.


For young children, learning about how words work begins with the sounds of words. You can play with sounds through activities like listening to and chiming in on rhymes and songs and clapping the syllables in long and short words.


This is the bridge between spoken and written words, and children can build words and notice what happens when they add and subtract letters – for example, set becoming sent becoming tent with the addition and substitution of letters. This can become a game to challenge the whole family.


Children discover the meanings within words, often through Greek and Latin roots, for example, -er, -or, and –ist denoting ‘someone who’ as in dancer, actor, and naturalist, and

-spect meaning ‘to look at’ as in inspect, inspector, perspective, retrospective, and spectacular. Children enjoy homophones like coarse and course, medal and meddle.


Children enjoy exploring verb and noun forms, for example, inspire/inspiration, illustrate/illustration, getting the feel of parts of speech and how words can move from one use to another.

The first step is choosing high-quality reading books. You can look for and talk about the new words children encounter in books and can understand from their own experiences, but may not hear or use in conversation. The next steps are introducing words in ways that help children make sense of them and getting children interacting with the words in interesting ways. Reading poems, singing songs, listening to the words in television shows and on the radio are all chances to spot new words.


· Explain the meaning of the word in the story.

· Repeat the word together several times.

· Write down the word so you can look at its shape and letters together.

· Think of other contexts or uses for the word.

· Use various forms of the word.

· Use the word when you are talking and explain its meaning again if necessary.

A couple of items from Life's Little Instruction Book

· Record your parents’ laughter.

· Never underestimate the power of a kind word or deed.

Mask Use

Please note that for the remainder of Term 3 we will be following Ministry of Health advice, which is strongly recommended that face masks are worn by students and staff in Year 4 to 6 when indoors, including combined classes when learning and during indoor assemblies.

Have a great term ahead

Luis Echegaray


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Junior School Update

In Room 5 and 6 this week, we have been focusing on using 'time connecters' and 'bossy verbs' in our instructional writing.

This week as a part of our writing experience, we made slimy 'gloop'. Together through oral language, we discussed different time connectors (First, Second, After that) and matched them to the appropriate step, shown through a picture. Together we discussed why these time connectors are so important to ensure we get the correct final outcome.

We then added 'bossy' verbs to each step to tell the reader which action was involved in each step. For example, stir, mix, measure.

This has been an awesome but messy experience which the children have loved!

Middle School Update

Earlier this month a number of Treehouse students, along with other students, had the opportunity to attend the magical ballet 'Cinderella'. It was a fantastic performance and experience which was held in the newly refurbished St James theatre.

On Tuesday the Treehouse students went into Wellington City and visited 'Space Place' as a follow-up to the Space inquiry they did in Term 2. The students had a lot of fantastic knowledge to share with the instructor.

They had a lesson on the Galaxy, experienced hands-on space activities and spent time viewing stars, planets and visual Maori Myths in the Planetarium. It was a great trip, enjoyed by all.

Senior School Update

Team Kahikatea teachers decided we hadn’t done enough art recently so we put together a plan to have a block of time for three different areas of art for the term. These areas are running for three weeks each, giving students the opportunity to try out different kinds of art.

One of the areas is photography. We thought it would be a good idea to take this opportunity to go for a walk outside the classroom to find some inspiration for our photographs. We had a brief lesson on the different elements of photography (line, colour, size, shape, form, texture and depth) and what these look like in photographs.

We think the results were pretty impressive. The students were very focused and got some great photographs. We couldn’t have gone for our photography walk without help from some of the parents who gave their time and energy to accompany us. Your help was appreciated!

School Notices and Upcoming Events

Voluntary School Donations

The 2022 donation being requested is as follows.

One child: $220 - Two children: $440 - Three children: $660

Why do we ask you to consider making a voluntary donation?

The Ministry of Education funding covers the basic costs of running the school and providing materials and resources for your child to use. At West Park School we believe that additional resources are needed to provide an enriching educational environment. The cost of additional resources and support has traditionally been raised through fundraising, grants and voluntary donations.

Please note:

· School donations are voluntary, meaning that there is no obligation on Parents or Caregivers to make a donation.

· The amounts requested as donations have been set at a level that the Board believes will allow the School to reach the funding target to support the School’s yearly operation.

· If a Parent or Caregiver wishes to make a different value donation, that amount will be warmly received and appreciated

· We acknowledge and support the fact that some Parent’s and Caregiver’s prefer to make donations in the form of volunteering time, expertise or supporting events.

· Voluntary donations are tax deductible.

· Receipts are issued immediately from the online shop.

· If you have any queries regarding voluntary donations, please contact the school office on 478 7074.

When making a voluntary donation...

· Voluntary donations can be paid via West Park School online shop, Kindo.

· To register all you need is your email address.

· First registration go to the following web address - https://shop.tgcl.co.nz/shop/handshake.shtml?shop=West+Park+School

· Once registered you can make all payments at the following

Shop - https://shop.tgcl.co.nz/shop/user_home.shtml?session=false&shop=West%20Park%20School

Both these links are available on our website: www.westpark.school.nz under the shop tab.

Silent Ball Tournament

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Before and After School drop off's

We’ve had some incidents lately of parents parking on yellow lines and in some cases between Road Patrol cones, when dropping off students in the mornings.

Please note this is very dangerous. The cones and lines are to stop people from parking there with good reason.

On one occasion a parent was seen parking between the cones just past the roundabout and the Flag Road Patroller had to move out of the way. The car was still partly on the road at this point and was a hazard to vehicles as well as endangering the Road Patroller.

Please respect the safety of all involved and follow what the cones are telling you. If necessary we will inform the police if people continue to park in these areas.

If you’re looking for a nearby drop-off spot, there are usually plenty of parking spaces down by the Orchard crossing.

2022 Term Dates

Term Dates 2022:

  • Term 3 Mon 25 July – Fri 30 Sept (10 weeks)

  • Term 4 Mon 17 Oct – Fri 16 Dec (9 weeks)

West Park School Board of Trustees approved 2023 Terms dates are as follows:

  • Term 1: Tuesday 31 January - Thursday 6 April

  • Term 2: Monday 24 April – Friday 30 June

  • Term 3: Monday 17 July – Friday 22 September

  • Term 4: Monday 9 October – Thursday 14 December

Upcoming Events

Friday, 19 August - Rms 14 and 15 local area photography trip

Monday, 22 August - Board meeting at 6.15pm in Room 15

Wednesday, 24 August - Life Education Van onsite (3 weeks)

Wednesday, 7 Sept. - BoT elections

Friday, 9 September - Rms 11 and 19 local area photography trip

Tuesday, 13 September - Rimu at ArtSplash 7.30pm

Wednesday, 21 Sept. - Totara trip to Johnsonville Library

Thursday, 22 Sept. - Miro trip to Johnsonville Library

Monday, 26 September - Board meeting at 6.15pm in Room 15

Friday, 30 September - Last day of term 3

Monday, 17 October - First day of term 4

Community Notices

Newlands College - International Student Hosts Needed

With the International borders opening up we are looking for families to host our International Students arriving in 2023.

If this is something you are able to help support us with, please contact me (Megan Gill) at mgill@newlands.school.nz

Kelly Sports Summer Series Football/Netball Competition 2022/2023

Join us for another fun-filled year of Friday night Football and Netball!

Football is a 5 aside competition held at Ian Galloway Park.

Netball caters for 5/ 6/ 7-a-side and is held at Marsden & Karori Normal Schools.

Competition runs from Term 4 through to Term 1 (with a break over Xmas).

To register and for more information go to:



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Kelly Sports

Term 3 Warm Up Winter Sports Programme – TUESDAY’S 3.05pm-4.05pm

Coach Connor is back for term 3!!

Our Kelly Sports after-school multi-sports programmes is back and running in Term 3!
Get your kids active and learning great new skills in a fun, exciting and enjoyable environment with Kelly Sports!
Encouraging a lifelong love of sports, our popular multi-sports programmes teach kids foundational skills and build confidence all by having fun!.

This term we are focusing on the following sports:
Hockey, Basketball, Football and Tag Games (2 weeks of each).
Starts Tuesday 2 August for 8 weeks.

Go to www.kellysports.co.nz, and in the school box put "West Park".

Johnsonville Scouts

Johnsonville Scouts have space for youth between the ages of 6-14. Keas age 6-8, Cubs 8-11, Scouts 11-14.

Every year we help 13,000 young people in New Zealand enjoy new adventures, experience the outdoors, make new connections, and gain confidence. This includes outdoor activities and Leadership.

We are also on the lookout for new Leaders in our Group, it is a great and fun opportunity.
To make contact with us, please email Johnsonville@group.scouts.nz

Tawa Swimming Club

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New Players Theatre Company

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