By Amaya Brott

Badminton History

The first game that summed up badminton is called battledore. Battledore was made in Asia about 2000 years ago. It was used with a bat or a paddle. The first game of badminton came up with two boys playing battledore with a shuttlecock. They were passing it back and forth with it not touching the ground. Not intill the 1800s in a game of poona did they add the net. The players his the shuttlecock a crossed the net with out it touching the ground. This game became very popular in many countries. On March 1898, the first tournament the US and Canada. In 1934, they came out with the law International Badminton Federation that allows all of the countries to be able to play badminton in the games. The one problem is that men had to play with men and women had to play with women. In 1948, The first every major badminton tournament happened in Thomas cup ( this was only for men ). Since there was so many people joining they disided to add the Uber Cup ( only for women ), World Championships ( for only individual events ), Sudirman Cup ( for only mixed teams ), and World Junior Championships ( only for kids )/ finals ( for anyone ).

Different Shots in Badminton/When to Use Them

There are 4 shots the clear shot, drive shot, drop shot, and the smash shot. The clear shot is the normal shot that you would use to pass to the other player. You allow the shuttlecock go high in the air and land on ether the opponents racket or land on the opponents back court. The drive shot is a harder shot to make because you have to make it go strait across the court. You use this when you are passing to the opponent and there natural instinct it to duck instead of hit it. This shot is quick and you hit it with the head of the racket facing the opponent. The drop shot is a soft light hit witch makes it land quickly on the ground. This is used to have you opponent dash quickly toward the net to hit it. You try to make it look like you are going to use the drive and only use a little force just to make it over the net. The smash shot is a hard slam to the ground on the opponents side. This is used to aim at the other opponent so that it is hard to hit it and they will dash right out of the way. You jump up and hit it hard to make it go down at an angle.