Lost Tools of Writing Boot Camp

For all Challenge Students and Parents!

Do the 5 Common Topics mystify you?

Come join us in Florence, SC for a summer intensive workshop designed to help you conquer the writing beasties! Find out how to overcome the struggles that every writer faces.

Lost Tools of Writing could easily be called the backbone of the Challenge curriculum. They will use this resource over and over again in every strand of seminar days.

June 20 & 21-----Students

Is the Student focused portion. If your child will be 12 or older for the 2016-17 school year they are welcome to attend. This program will be particularly helpful for students attending Challenge A-IV at a Classical Conversations campus.

Students will practice applying the 5 Common Topics to their writing, discovering all that they can include in an ANI, and sorting for the best ideas.

Monday and Tuesday


Please bring a sack lunch.

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June 22nd ------Parents

Is the parent and tutor portion.

If you have a Challenge age student or will be teaching a Challenge level class, this class will be perfect for you! You will learn how to set your student's brain free to unlock new paths of conversation about their subject. How to overcome objections and where to set your expectations for your students performance.



Please bring a lunch.

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Meet Our Instructor!

Andrea Lipinski is completing her final year in the East Coast CiRCE Apprenticeship program and will graduate as a Certified Master Teacher. Prior to joining the apprenticeship she homeschooled for fourteen years. Believing in parents teaching their children, Andrea served as a State Manager of Texas for Classical Conversations for 3 years and she now teaches the Lost Tools of Writing to teachers and students across Texas.

Andrea has organized multiple training events for hundreds of teachers as well as tutored public, private, and homeschooled children. With a background in communication disorders, Andrea tutors and consults with parents of special needs children. She currently tutors in a university model, private school as well as leads a multi-grade Christian classical cooperative that cultivates the seven liberal arts. Students study grammar, rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry, and fine arts within the confines of joyful dialectic conversation. Andrea enjoys discussing literature and mathematics with children and teachers as they together strengthen their faculty of truth perception.