St. Joseph Regional Jr. High School

November 22, 2021

St. Joseph Regional Jr. High School

St. Joseph Regional Jr. High School is a Catholic, co-educational, inclusive learning community in which students learn and grow in respect for God, themselves, and others, engage in academically rigorous curricula and a wide-range of meaningful service and enrichment experiences.
Diocese of Manchester 2021-2022 COVID Safety Plan

Please take time to read our Diocesan COVID Safety Plan. This plan was updated by Superintendent Thibault and a leadership team for the new school year. Our individual school plans will be updated and posted on the website by the end of the week.

STJ 2021-2022 COVID-19 Safety Plan

Updated 9/26/21 using the CDC School and Childcare Toolkit. Please review pages 9 and 10 of the toolkit, linked in the Safety Plan, for the decision-making matrix.

Winter is here!

Although the trip from the car to the door is very short, we go out to recess everyday for 20 minutes.

Please be sure your student has a jacket and a hat and is prepared for the cold weather.

Correction to the Honor Roll

Congratulations to Julia Hinton who was added to the Principal’s List!

Student Council News

Details of our door decorating contest have been worked out. The decorating will begin on November 29th. Students have till then to get their teams together.

Homerooms have chosen the theme for their Christmas baskets for charity. These will be raffled the day before we leave for Christmas vacation.

The Religious Committee will lead a prayer service on Tuesday afternoon before we leave on the Thanksgiving break.

Coming Attractions

Nov. 23 -- Spirit Day

Nov. 24 -- Nov. 28 -- Thanksgiving break

Nov. 29 -- First basketball game at Auburn

Dec. 10 -- Palace Theater for “A Christmas Carol”

Dec. 17 -- Christmas Mass with Trinity at St. Marie’s

Dec. 17 -- Christmas Movie Night -- 6:00 to 9:00 pm (more to come)

The cost for the 2 December trips is $25.00. Please make checks payable to St. Joseph Jr. High. These are to be turned into your student’s homeroom teacher. Thank you. Permission slips will be going home after Thanksgiving.

Sports News

The basketball teams have received their uniforms. These are to be worn for games only.

COVID Safety

Our administrative team has continued to meet with medical and public health experts on local COVID-19 transmission rates. We are currently auditing all of our mitigation strategies throughout the building to assure that each one is implemented with fidelity. As the seasons change and families gather for the holidays, and winter winds keep windows closed, we anticipate a significant rise in transmission and quarantine of students and teachers if and when necessary. We are encouraging students to wear masks if their families expect them to and to choose it if can (especially when in close proximity to other students working) to help prevent spread. We share spaces and the after-school program with the Cardinal Lacroix Academy students, who are all too young to be vaccinated. Our goal is to show compassion and concern for others by protecting them.

Please continue to refer to the continually updated Reopening Plan on our St. Joe's website for information about how we are handling various prevention and mitigation methods and the CDC School and Child Care Toolkit.

Keeping up in Math

This week in Math 7, we begin a new chapter by learning how to add and subtract positive and negative decimals. On Tuesday, we will celebrate Thanksgiving by graphing a festive dot-to-dot extra credit picture!

This week in Pre-Algebra, we will begin our Geometry Unit. We took notes using a fill in the blank format, and we will practice that, and hopefully begin Geometry Bootcamp for Pre-Algebra. On Tuesday, we will celebrate Thanksgiving by graphing a festive dot-to-dot extra credit picture!

This week in Algebra, we will practice Rate, Time, Distance problems. Then on Tuesday, we will celebrate Thanksgiving by graphing a festive dot-to-dot extra credit picture!

The happenings in English 8

Hello Students and Families,

It seems that the students are enjoying “The Lord of the Flies”. This week, they filled in their character note catcher and began to fill in their Symbolism note catcher. For this unit, there will be two big grades. In the middle of the book, they will have a creative narrative piece, where they will write a letter from the perspective of one of the boys. The other big grade will be at the end of the unit, in January, where they will present a project on theme and symbolism. Their homework, classwork, quizzes, the narrative piece, and the project will each be worth 20% of their grade.

Today we began the discussion of symbolism. Three major symbols in the book are; The conch that represents authority, Simon that represents goodness, and the “littluns” that represent the common folk. We discussed how the whole book is a metaphor for society from the perspective of a World War II lieutenant.

Next week, the students will finish reading chapter 4 and write their Text Based Response. On Tuesday, they will have their vocabulary quiz.

Happy Thanksgiving!

God Bless,

Ms. Donovan

History Updates

We are nearing the end of our study on the War for Independence. This week we had a quiz on the Declaration of Independence and it looks like a Revolutionary War test is on the horizon (after Thanksgiving.) This Tuesday, we learn about the history of Thanksgiving — thank you Sarah Hale! Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

This week in Religion

Our Catholic Liturgical Cycle (Church Year) comes to a close this Sunday as we celebrate The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe (Christ the King). Together in class, we read the Gospel reading for this upcoming Mass and the students wrote out answers to focus questions about John's Gospel. Jesus stands trial before the Roman Governor, Pilate. Jesus makes it very clear that his kingdom is not of this world. He has come to testify to the truth, and those who listen to his voice are the ones who will know the truth. The students filled in their ongoing Liturgical Cycle Calendars with this end-of-year Solemnity and filled in the first Sunday of Advent, which begins November 28th.

7th graders are working on their Cardinal Virtues Storyboard in class and 8th graders continue to fill in their Works of Mercy Charts. These charts should be home with them over Thanksgiving break as they need to make an entry once each day.

Our Thanksgiving prayer service will take place in the gymnasium on Tuesday afternoon. The Religious Committee of student council is organizing the service.

Mrs Jones

Science News

7th Grade: This week is only two days before thanksgiving. We will read and discuss an article about a topic on the current unit. If we have time, we will also play a "I have it/ who has it?" game. Tuesday we will be doing a fun thanksgiving activity.

8th Grade: This week is only two days, so we will read and discuss an article on Monday. If we have time, we will also play a "I have it / who has it?" game. Tuesday we will be doing a fun thanksgiving activity.


Mr. Rosa

Updates in Mrs. DeVarney's Class

World Geography

This week in world geography we will be continuing with our unit on Ancient Europe.

We will play jeopardy on Monday to study for their quiz. They will take the quiz on

Tuesday, before vacation. They will get them back when we return.


This week in decisions, students will have art on Monday. Tuesday students will share

what they did that week to show humility and have a study hall.

Lynn Lyons ~ How to Manage Anxiety for Children, January 12th

Philippians 4:6-7 “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

There is no doubt the world can feel utterly chaotic these days. Our school team has noticed an escalation of anxiety in our students and parents. In fact, on a daily basis I hear from families in person, by phone, and by email, inquiring about how to help their children with anxiety (or what looks like many things but could actually anxiety).

Anxiety can reveal itself in a spectrum of ways in children and adults. I have scheduled a very special visit with a nationally known (but locally grown) licensed therapist, author, and expert on managing anxiety. Her writing has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Time Magazine. This presentation will be sponsored in part by our PTO, a federal grants and other local benefactors.

Please mark your calendars to join us for this 90min-2hr event planned for the evening of January 12th. At this time, we are planning for an in-person event with limited seating. More details to follow. Please visit her website,, to learn more about Ms. Lyon's work. She hosts a fantastic podcast, and has developed a plethora of free resources.

Dear Parents,

The Diocesan Catholic Schools Office is compiling survey data on newly enrolled students this year. Please take a minute to complete this short survey about your Catholic school experience so far, and why you chose to enroll your child in Catholic school. Completing this survey will help all diocesan schools in better serving our families.

Please follow the link below to get started, thank you!

COVID-19 Vaccination Questionnaire

As you can imagine, this year, school leaders, staff, and parents are navigating complications not forecasted at this time in 2020. Though we do not have a mask mandate, it is important to remember that the pandemic is not over. We continue to be as vigilant as possible while allowing parental agency on masking.

For the purpose of collecting data collection, I have constructed a brief, voluntary questionnaire for families about the vaccination status of their St. Joe's students. If you would be willing to share that information, please consider completing it by Friday, October 15th.

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In the next year, please watch for our new Instagram account and live versions of our schoolday exclusively on these private pages. Please note that you must request access to the page and we will not grant access to anyone who does not answer all of the security questions regarding enrollment and permissions.

St. Joseph Regional Jr. High School Website

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Important Dates Coming Up:

  • November 23rd, Spirit Day
  • November 24th-28th, Thanksgiving break
  • November 29th, First Basketball game
  • December 10th, Palace Theater Trip
  • December 17th, Christmas Mass with Trinity
  • December 17th, Christmas Movie Night
2021-2022 School Calendar

Please reference this calendar at any time during the school year. Note that this calendar has not been revised to reflect the post-Labor Day start, however, it will not effect the final day of school.