Great Deals On Going To Bed Every Night

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What position do you sleep in every night?

Stomach? Back? Side?

The Kitzur tells us that we should be sleeping on our sides every night. If you don't, you should train yourself to. It's best to sleep on your left side first, and then switch to your right. When you lean on your left, it helps you digest. When you lean on your right, it helps your stomach detox.


Hamapil is one of the main components of Shema. Once you say Hamapil, you are not supposed to talk, eat, or drink.


Before you go to sleep every night, you should review everything that you did that day. If you find something that you did wrong, you should regret it, confess, and agree not to do it again. You should also forgive anyone who sinned against you. Nobody should be punished because of you. The Gemara says that if someone is punished because of you, you won't get let into the boundaries of Hashem. Ribono Shel Olam is the Tefillah that guides us through this forgiving and reflecting process.

Kriyat Shema

The two main components of Kriyat Shema Sha'al Hamita are Shema and Hamapil. When we go to sleep every night, we have Kavanah to have strength for the next day to serve Hashem.