Police Brutaltiy

Jazzmyne Lewis


Police brutality is the use of force exceeding that responsibly necessary to accomplish a lawful police purpose.

Video Explanation

This video is important because it shows the reality of police brutality. it shows what the news channels and media sites cover up and hide from the public. Some people believe that the force police use on citizens is necessary and lawful, when in actuality it is not. Police officers are continually abusing their powers and abusing citizens because there are never any repercussions for what they do. Police are okay with beating and harassing innocent people because they know they will get away with it and will go no days unpaid.


Even after a citizen has put their hands up and is clearly trying to surrender some police officers do not hesitate to continue with their brutal actions. No matter how relevant the situation may seem to you, to someone it is the most relevant thing in their life. I believe that another reason police brutality has not been correctly addressed by the government is because some don’t see it to be a prominent issue they just believe it to be an over exaggeration of the not so easy to see truth.