they study wibbly wobbly timey wimey space

The Job

Astronomers want to understand the entire universe. They study suns, moons, planets, stars, galaxies, everything. Their work can be science; gathering or analyzing data about stuff and creating theories about nature's objects.

fun fact! astronomers use the loo in space!

Benefitting Society

Astrononomers discover new galaxies and planets. They also investigate galaxies and they even sense asteroids and meteors heading towards the earth. An astronomer broadens the knowledge of Earth's citizens by learning and researching all of space.


Education and skills needed for the job includes a knowlege in chemistry, physics, computer science, algebra, geometry, calculus, earth science and statistics.

An astronomer's personality must include curiosity, imagination, the ability to visualize abstract concepts and a strong math and analytical skills are needed.

Other Stuff

The annual salary/wages of an astronomer are an average of $95,000 dollars in salary, $45,230 in wages and 15,080 minimum wage

The projected job growth of an astronomer in past and future years is 7%-13%

Companies that hire this field include NASA