Make professional photography

Do you dread going out and shooting, is it seen as a chore for you these days? Well here are some tips that can get you out shooting again with a smile on your face.

Have a side photography project:

No matter what kind of photography it is you do to pays the bills, don’t forget to have passion projects that keep you interested and get your creative juices flowing. Pick something that you are interested in and try and spend a couple hours a week shooting that for your own portfolio. How to pick a passion project? Close your eyes for a second and try and think about if you could shoot anything in the world and get paid for it, what would you shoot? Street photography, boudoir, light painting… whatever it is, pay or no pay find time to shoot it. The positive thing about this is that eventually if you build up a large enough portfolio of what it is you really enjoy shooting, perhaps one day you can get paid to photograph your real passions!


Get off your pedestal and join the square shooting masses. No it isn’t as professional as Flickr or your own personal blog, but it is where your real friends and family are spending their time. So don’t be afraid to snap a dinner pic or a photo of your dog every once and awhile - not every photo you post has to be a Lucie Award winner. (update: now you are not confined to a square so you can share your photos in their native framing.)

Buy a different lense:

For the gear junkies among us this probably sounds like enablement. Well it is. There is nothing like a new lense to shake things up a bit in your photography life. Some advice for favorite lenses for when things get boring… a nice bokeh lens, a super wide angle, or a thrift store legacy lense.

Go on vacation:

I think this applies to any job, but it is even more relevant for photographers because what is one of the most fun things to shoot as a photographer. Vacations! Take a trip to an exotic location and be the envy of all your friends on your newly set up instagram account.

Share your skills with someone just starting out:

Sometimes one of the most fun things you can do in any profession is to share the skills of what you learned during your career. Many among us forget that there are others out there who are just picking up their first camera and discovering their love of photography. Sometimes helping another person hone their passion can remind ourselves of the reasons that we got into this profession in the first place. Being a mentor is a really fulfilling way to remind ourselves that we do something special and that we are respected for our work.

Outsource your image editing service needs to

Sorry for the plug, but this really is one of the best things you can do to make your professional photography career fun again. Hours spent in front of the computer color correcting and post processing images take all the fun out of the act of shooting. With our photo retouching services you get to have all the fun shooting, and no stress at all handing your images over to us to edit. Don’t trust handing over your precious images to an image editing service? Well at photoExodus we offer a free trial of 10 images so you can try out our photo retouching services absolutely risk free!

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