Glass - Yachting - Renovation

Glass surface treatment

Maintenance on windows and other glass surface takes a big chunk out of the maintenance budget every year. By treating the glass, RenoServ helps you to set limits on those expenses.

The glass is cleaned using the renowned RenoServ technology (100% deep cleaning) right down to the pores. That results in an adhesive surface for the protective layer applied to the glass after cleaning. When the treatment is complete, the glass surface is smooth to the touch. Glass treatment provides good protection from aggressive contamination. After treatment, windows and other glass surfaces do not need as much maintenance. Washing is no longer as labour-intensive as it was because dirt no longer sticks to the glass.

Office buildings, shower cells, swimming pools and other glass applications are our speciality.

Scratches in glass

RenoServ repairs scratches in float glass and in hardened or layered glass. Before treatment, an examination is carried out with a magnifying glass to determine the extent of the damage. Our specialists can then get to work. Scratches, gouges and even graffiti can be removed to a depth of up to 15 microns.


Cleaning and protection of

Removal of deep-penetrating dirt, stains, stripes, green deposits, excrements and other dirt on polyester anti-slip decks and treadmaster.

Restoration of clearness on glass surfaces.
Removal of hairline scratches and salt deposits on glass.
Application of a protective layer.

Stain removal.
Restoring the shine to Stainless Steel.
Application of a protective layer.

Retention of the treated teak layer in Royal shades.
Protective layer for longer life of your teak deck.
Protection against aging of your wooden deck.
Extra protective layer against UV rays.
Maintenance-friendly teak treatment.
Environmentally friendly products.
Applying a greyed look with the same contents and protection as above.

From fully inside the interior.
Deep-cleaning and disinfection of sanitary facilities.


RenoServ also specialises in cleaning, renovating and preserving aluminium (anodised or powder-coated), PVC and stainless steel. Through our mastery of a variety of mechanical processes, we ensure a high-quality restoration of the surfaces in a responsible way.

Those materials are often damaged during assembly or normal maintenance. As the years pass, the natural sheen and colour also fade. The removal of scratches, discolorations, chalking, rust and deep contamination results in a complete metamorphosis.

Colour recovery

PVC or aluminium elements with a powder coating are low-maintenance, but not maintenance-free. If they are not maintained properly, the colour, sheen and even the hardness will deteriorate significantly.

The degradation can be so advanced that deep cleaning alone will not give the result you want. In that case, we can use a professional application to give the surface a new strength.

Bath Renovation

Scratches, holes or other damage (acrylic baths, sinks, ceramic, hardboard, email or kitchen countertops, ...) RenoServ edited by filling materials. Afterwards, the damages are treated with special colorfill materials, which are hardened.