Sacred Heart School

Week of January 20th

Why do you teach?

At our last staff meeting, I asked folks to consider the questions "Why do you teach?" or "Why do you teach at Sacred Heart?" or "Why Catholic Schools? and not public, private, or charter schools?"

I'm sure we each have many answers to these questions. I thought I'd start by sharing one of my answers.

Simply put, I teach because of my brother and my sister.

My brother had ADD and my sister has Asberger's. When we were in school, it was pretty obvious that I was "good" at school and they weren't. My brother lost every paper ever given to him. He couldn't pay attention long enough to complete an assignment. He was often caught doodling, and was even suspended for doodling on a desk. My sister never participated in class. She couldn't keep up with rest of the class. She hated homework and would often shut down in the afternoons. I hated seeing how stressed they were every day. I hated that school was something they resented, rather than enjoyed.

I wanted to teach because I wanted to create a classroom where kids weren't stressed. Learning shouldn't be stressful.

I also just really like math.


Meet Dan, our Crossing Guard!

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PARCC Assessment

Sacred Heart's 3rd through 8th graders will be taking the PARCC Test in March. Let's begin familiarizing ourself with this new assessment. Try some of the practice items online and see how you do!

Karate Begins

Tuesday, Jan. 20th, 4pm


Karate begins for PK3-8th Grade!

Ice Cream Sale

Wednesday, Jan. 21st, 9pm


The 2nd grade will host an Ice Cream Sale on Wednesday, January 21st. (Rescheduled from last week's snow day).

Athletic Committee Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 21st, 6:30pm


There will be an Athletic Committee Meeting at 6:30 pm in the cafeteria.

March for Life

Thursday, Jan. 22nd, 6:30am

601 F Street Northwest

Washington, DC

The 7th and 8th graders, along with Ms. Heil, Ms. Kullberg, Ms. Masciola, and a few others will be attending the March for Life on Thursday, March 22nd.

MS Teachers - be on the look out for a schedule from Ms. Heil for the students who will not be attending the March.

Open House

Sunday, Jan. 25th, 10am

Sacred Heart School, Washington, DC, United States

Washington, DC

Open House from 10am - 2pm. Consider joining us for a few hours, if you can!

Report Cards due to the Office

Monday, Jan. 26th, 8am

Sacred Heart

Please see Ms. Mazzini if you have any questions about Report Cards.

Catholic Schools Week

January 25 - Open House 10-2

January 26- Parent/Grandparent Day 8 am - 9 am

January 27- Teacher Appreciation Day

January 28- Clergy Appreciation Day

January 29- Student Appreciation Day

January 30- Staff Retreat at the Franciscan Monastery