My Goals

Kristy Fulbright, 5th Grade, 2015-2016

My Reading Goal

My reading goal is to read more books on my level of reading and to increase my MAP score in the Spring and meet my MAP goal set for me. I want to be the best reader I can be!

My Math Goal

My math goal is to work hard and pay attention in my math class daily. I also want to meet my math MAP goal set for me and continue to do well on all tests/quizzes and Dream Box! I want to be the best mathematician I can be!
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Some other Goals:

My Behavior Goal

This year for my behavior goal, I want to spell LIGHT each day by earning all of my letters for good behavior. I also want to earn an "A" in conduct as well as attend the LIGHT Celebrations each nine weeks of school.

I want to be respectful, kind, and courteous to all teachers and classmates.

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Personal Goal #1

I want to help my 2 children be the best they can be and continue to support them daily.

I love being a mom and I love Ethan and Evan to the moon and back :)

Personal Goal #2

My second personal goal is to exercise more so that I can be as healthy as possible! :)

I don't get to exercise as often as I'd like, but I really enjoy walking in my neighborhood and working out in the gym.

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