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The Reading Strategy Battle...

Sounding it out vs Making meaning
Can't we all just get along?

I've noticed second graders tend to over use the strategy "sound it out." That is a good strategy but not in isolation and not if you confuse sounds. Do you remember the tricycle I showed you on curriculum night? We need to make meaning and use grammar skills too when coming to a difficult word. I promise you will see a difference in their reading if you can include both!

Other Important Dates:

September 16 - Just a Chicken Author Visit!

September 22 - Early Release Day (11:40 Dismissal)

- Scholastic Orders Due

Sept. 23 @ 7:15 am will be the PTA Volunteer breakfast where parents can sign up for various volunteer spots on the PTA.

Word Study

Here is our list for the week. This is what we will celebrate knowing on Friday!

Click here to practice our very own list through games!

Word Study List 2

Short/Long E Vowels

1. pet

2. before

3. sled

4. easy

5. best

6. sleep

7. tell

8. near

9. never

10. green

11. *yes

12. *feast

13. *question

*=bonus word!

PTA Show

The PTA show was amazing! If anyone got a good photo please email it to me!!! I was just enjoying their amazing singing too much!

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