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About Me

Hello There! My name is Charles Townshend. I was born on April 18, 1674 in Norfolk England. I'm a politician and a Whig statesman who led the British foreign policy. But I also invented something amazing.

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My Invention, the Crop Rotation

I invented the crop rotation. The crop rotation is used for on the farm usually by farmers. After inventing this method farmers became to use it more often in the 18th century as it helped the soil and crops.

How it Helps

I think its important to plant turnips in with grain during rotation. This method is great for preventing pest invasion, keeping soil healthy, and maintaining healthy crops! It helps the soil because each crop has different nutrients so switching them maintains a good balance.

  • Inexpensive
  • Delicious crops
  • Prevents diseases
  • Saving soil
  • Prevents pest invasion
The list can go on forever!

How it Works

A long time ago, farming was done on small lands. But I demanded rotation. Plant rye one year then you need to leave the land fallow for one year and finally oats grown with clover for 3 years. So two or more crops are being rotated through different sections on the farm so the crops will switch places. Clovers and turnips are usually used, Im so successful at growing turnips that they call me "Turnip Townshend".
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How will this change farming?

Imagine having a farm with fresh filled with nutrition crops. Its going to help prevent disease so less people will get sick. Its also going to reduce soil fertility.

Who will benefit from this? How will it change society?

This will benefit farmers the most or anyone growing crops. You want to have the best crops in town! If you end up selling your crops, your customers will enjoy your crops better than before. And for farmers your profit will be higher because of the high quality crops! Crop rotation provides a balanced nutrient exchange and a more diverse diet.
How to Rotate Vegetable Crops

Workers and Owners

As people are using my method they are also losing their jobs at the farm. The owner of the farm won't have to pay the workers because you don't need people to help at your farm and so they won't have a job. But that's okay, everyone can grow their own farm and use crop rotation!

Who should use this method?

All farmers should use this method. This is the best way to growing outstanding crops! Even if you're starting your own garden, you should definitely try it out.
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Doesn't cost you a penny! You can do it on your own! You'll make way more money when you sell your crops than before. People will never leave your farm.

Use my Method Now! You won't Regret It!

Come see me!

Come down to my office for more information on crop rotation. I can teach you the process to a successful farm guaranteed.

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"I loved this method so much I shared it to all my farmer friends! Never will I go back to the old farming way!" By Bob

"My crops are so fresh and I don't have to worry about the pests!" By Tim