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Weekly Update- March 15, 2019

Reading MAP test will be taken on Monday March 18th.

Week at a Glance

Reading- We started a new read aloud this week, which I am SO excited about. Seriously, I haven't been this excited about a book in a long time. It is called The Land of Stories. Mrs. Foreman is looking into the library loaning us many copies so students can read along!

We have also been discussing test taking strategies this week. Some of the strategies we've discussed are:

  • Reading questions before you read a passage
  • Going back in the passage to find your answer
  • Getting rid of answers that make no sense right away

We will have a heavy focus on non-fiction reading for the month of April.

This week we've focused on division & multiplication story problems. Students have used manipulatives to show their thinking, created a visual representation of their thinking and discovered an equation and answer to represent the problem.

**It is important that students are not only able to solve story problems but write their own story problems to put a given equation into context. If you're looking to practice at home, give your child an equation and have them write a story problem to go along with the problem. If you realize their story doesn't match the equation, have them build a model with objects around the house (noodles, beans, game pieces, coins) to represent their thinking.

Science/Social Studies- We started brainstorming ideas to solve the problem of food insecurity. Next week students will get into groups and design & build a prototype. We will have a showcase the 2nd week of April.

Writing- We are working hard on our opinion unit. Students have learned that they need to have a thesis statement (bold opinion), and explain reasons for that opinion. We started the unit by writing a speech to solve a problem, but have also discussed how we can have a strong opinion about things that are beautiful in the world as well.

No homework menu for the week. The weather is getting beautiful- enjoy some family time together outside!! :)

Scholastic Book Order

If you are interested in ordering books from Scholastic Reading Club for your child, the order forms went home yesterday.

The online code is MBKQR and orders are due by March 22

Below is an example of an opinion writing we did as a class based on two non-fiction reading passages. This is a rough example of what your child will be expected to do on the OST.

Big picture