Antonio Montalvo


I have two parents, a brother and a sister. My father just attained his Masters degree from Grand Canyon University and my little brother just started school. My sister is currently in eighth grade, and my mom works as a lab tech at Catawba Valley Medical Center.


I listen to just about everything, the only thing I don't like is country music. I have never tried to play an instrument and I don't believe I will try


I'm a huge sports fan. I like the Yankees, Steelers, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and Georgetown. My favorite sport to watch is football but I really like to play baseball.


My dad is Puerto Rican so we have some different ways of doing things. We eat a lot of homemade Spanish food and even find a way to twist american food to made it more Spanish.


I don't usually play video games unless it's on the Wii against my little brother. What i like to do is watch some television. My favorite show is a cross between Sportscenter or Spongebob


I never really liked science, i thought it was pointless. Until i went to the science center and looked at the astronomical aspect of science. I like to learn about what is in our solar system and beyond.

My future

My dad was a social worker/ counselor for a long time and ever since he started I realized that i want to be the same thing. The person i really want to be most like is Dr. Phil. The way he helps people makes me realize that those situations are most interesting for me because i know i can make a big difference in someone's life