Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of May 15-19

Universal Screening Highlights

We will be going through our Universal Screening data process with Jess Quandahl during the early start data team meeting time on Wednesday morning, but here are a couple quick highlights from our testing last week:

  • We were able to test all but 3 of our 350 students in four days!
  • We had very, very few problems with testing!
  • We had 32 students test high enough that they could be removed from their intervention!
  • We only had 7 students new to red, but 3 of those 7 were already enrolled in an intervention group.
  • We only had 4 students new to the "Persistently at Risk" category.

Make sure you some how communicate home with parents/guardians of students who recently passed out of intervention, because without significant and consistent reading throughout the summer there's a good chance these students fall back due to summer slide and end up needing to go back into an intervention after fall testing ;(.

Giving parents some ideas of how and what they can do to increase reading in the summer through summer reading programs, summer reading logs, summer fluency packets, etc. will hopefully increase our chances in having these students return in the fall and meet their fall benchmark.

This Week


  • 10:15 5th grade team planning meeting
  • Updating FAST with changes to intervention groups/PM
  • Updating google docs to reflect changes to intervention groups and PM
  • Work with teachers and students
  • 7:45 4th grade team planning meeting
  • 8:30 Meeting with Jon
  • 10:15 5th grade team planning meeting
  • Cover 5th grade recess
  • 3:20 3rd grade team planning meeting
  • Finalize data documents for PD
  • Work with teachers and students


  • 7:30 Universal Screening data team meeting with staff and Jess Q.
  • Work with teachers and students
  • Finalize blended project


  • Blended training all day at GWAEA


  • I will be out of the building for doctors appointments

End of Month Classroom Reflections

I came across this in a blog I follow. If you want to read her whole post on it, click here. We all know how important it is for students to reflect on their learning, here's one way to do it as a whole class throughout the year!
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