Electron Configuration

Connor Huggins - Page 6

Steps to Writing Electron Configuration

  1. Find the element you are looking for on the periodic table (for example Oxygen)
  2. Get the number of electrons in your element (Oxygen has 8)
  3. You can then use the Aufbau diagram to start writing your configuration
  4. Start at 1s on the diagram and every time you get to the end of a line follow the arrow back and then continue on that line.
  5. Keep doing this until the powers add up to your number of electrons.
Chemistry: How to Write Electron Configuration

Steps to Draw an Orbital Notation

  1. Find the subshell (which can be s, p, d, and f)
  2. S can has 1 orbital, p has 3 orbitals, d has 5 orbitals, and f has 7 orbitals
  3. You will then draw arrows that show the spin of electrons in the orbitals
How to Write the Orbital Notation for Iron - Mr. Causey's Chemistry