Stop Bullying!

By Briony & Ashley


Bullying happens in everyday life. It happens to around 85% of students and happens around the last two years of primary school and the first years of high school. There are different types of bullying; verbal bullying, physical bullying, social bullying and cyberbullying.

Things you can do if your getting bullied is to speak to family or friends, go to your teacher or house leader, see a counselor or someone you know and trust. When you do talk to someone about your situation you should be sure to say the truth at all times.

Here are some helplines that you can go to if you need any help because you are getting bullied or someone you know is getting bullied and you need to find help, or information for you or another person.

Bullying is different for each person. When it is verbal bullying, some people can just not listen to the people and not let it get to them while other people believe the bully and take things to heart. People will become very vulnerable to the situation and can then harm themselves or another person. If you or know someone who does this please talk to someone and get help straight away.

Verbal Bullying: Verbal bullying is where a person or a group of people say something that they know will hurt another person. They use words instead of actions.

Physical Bullying: Physical bullying is where a group or person does something that physically hurts you and does things to you that involves him or her to hurt and is an action that someone does.

Cyberbullying: Cyberbullying is where a person sits behind a screen and sends mean and rude messages via social media (Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook, Kik, ect,). They think it is ok to do that because they are not face to face with the person.

Social Bullying: Social bullying is where a group or person spreads a rumor to purposely hurt the person. It also includes constantly leaving the person out of activities or anything they do. They can even publicly embarrass them.