Gingko Newsletter

Week of March 14, 2016

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Hello Gingko Families!

This week we...

Continued interviewing each other and learning about our families! We have been learning so much about things that our friends like to do at home and with their families.

Continued our math unit on composing and decomposing numbers. This week we focused on the number 8. We read The Sleepover, a story about a sleepover during which eight children play, moving up and down bunk beds, teasing the babysitter who imagines she is losing and then gaining children. We then wrote our own versions of The Sleepover during writing.

Learned about Eleanor's family tradition of practicing yoga and Alan's tradition of playing a special game that he created using Legos!

Visited the New Fort Greene Playground!

Got creative with paper, scissors and glue sticks. Each child received two pieces of paper, a glue stick and scissors and were asked to create something. We came up with so many cool ideas! Some kids created roller coasters, some created paper chains, some even created purses.

Created an obstacle course! We walked over to the OT room where we used a tunnel, mats, and trampolines to create an obstacle course! We had so much fun playing and encouraging our friends as they went through the course!

Started our non-fiction reading unit. We read books about tigers and ladybugs.

Introduced number sentences using the = and + symbols. We talked about what each symbol meant and practiced writing number sentences as a group and on our own!

Started a new clay project with Studio Sara. We each started with one piece of clay which we divided into 3 smaller pieces. One we rolled into a sphere, the other into a "marshmallow" and the third into a rectangle. We connected all of the pieces to create the bust of a person or character we love. Next week, we will add more details or our sculptures!

Played Gingko Idol! We love playing this game, singing, and giving each other kind compliments!

Spent time talking about exploration and ways to work together and resolve conflicts as we play!

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Some conversation starters...

What did you learn about tigers and ladybugs? What other things would you like to learn about? Encourage your child to use our classroom library to find books about things they are interested in!

Who did you learn about and what did you learn during the family interviews this week?

Ask your child about the sculpture they are creating in Studio in a School. Who are you creating? How will you make your sculpture look like that person?


This is not a very visual newsletter! Marissa's camera hasn't been working this week. We do have some extra pictures on digital cameras in school that we will include in next week's newsletter!
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