Cancun Mexico

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Best resort

Cancun has the best resorts.But the number one best resort in Cancun is moon palace.I like Moon palace because It is a all inclusive resort and you can watch the sun set right from the pool over the ocean.

Favorite restaurant

My favorite restaurant of all time was la Habichuela sunset.It was the best Mexican restaurant I have ever been to.You can watch the sunset over the ocean from your seat.

Best beaches

My favorite beach is the North side beach because the water is Crystal clear and the sand was like sugar.
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Best shops

My favorite shops were in the la Isla shopping mall because it had a cool water light show and had really cool shark skull.

Best aquarium

My favorite aquarium was the interactive aquarium because it had the biggest sharks I have ever seen and you went in a tunnel with thousands of fish.
Cancun, Mexico Travel Guide - Must-See Attractions


Great weather and beautiful-Mom