Medtronic Gives to SPR GATAS

Mr. Vickery Delivered a great inspiration

March 23, 9:00 A.M. Medtronic Donates to SPR GATAS

Mr. Jimmy Vickery, CEO of Medtronic of Greenwood will hand deliver the donation check to our school and talk to the students about the Medtronic company.

All SPR GATAS students will come to the SPR Commons at 8:55 to thank him for the donation. I know our students will SHINE with self control, honesty, independence, neatness and engagement.

Katie Powell will deliver a thank you on behalf of our 44 GATAS students in third, fourth and fifth grade. Katie wrote the letter that made the difference to Medtronics.

All of our fifth grade GATAS students wrote amazing letters. The entire idea to write letters came from the students. They thought area businesses could help them get funding for their field trip so there would be less burden on their families.

Greenwood is a wonderful community and we are truly thankful for the great support in many ways this year. Our students have seen examples of generosity to inspire them to give back to our community. Thank you for supporting SPR GATAS this year.

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All students will sign this banner for Medtronic of Greenwood

Mr. Vickery was amazing! He gave the students much more than a large check for their field trip project!

Mr. Vickery was so Inspiring as he talked about kindness, their future, choices, driving your life, and all the information about Medtronic-Covidien. The students are fascinated in how much liquid the adult medipads can hold.

Mrs. Kelly Wiseman accepted the check through PTO and will work with Mrs. Downing to complete the donation for SPR GATAS.

Thank Medtronic and Mr. Vickery again for their amazing generosity and kindness. Our students were engaged with their questions, manners, and interest in the water properties of the products. We were so proud of our Supersuns.

After Spring break we will all continue our writing with thank you notes from all students.

Please know that all our fifth grade students wrote amazing letters to large, successful companies around Greenwood. I am very proud of all of them for their hard work or writing, proofreading, research and rewriting their letters, learning how to properly address envelopes and more.

Fortunately, Katie touched the heartstring of Medtronics with her letter. She also thanked them with a wonderful speech at the beginning of the presentation.

I will never forget this amazing day. Here are some photos from Johnathan Graves and Gray and Brittan, our photographers. Kyle andKeyon took notes,and Michaela designed the poster. Definitely a team effort.